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    Default C&S Cuba Formulations

    Does anyone know if Cuba was reformulated and if so is there a difference in the box or bottle which helps to distinguish the two?

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    As an addendum - any idea where to buy the vintage???

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    Default Re: C&S Cuba Formulations

    Bump. Guys? Anyone?

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    Or has it even changed at all? Consensus?

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    Default Re: C&S Cuba Formulations

    Is this the one with the cigar ?

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    Default Re: C&S Cuba Formulations

    I've not heard of any reformulation. And yes, it is the one with the fecal/cigar note.

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    This is one of my favs and find it remarkable. I find the references to Idole apt, yet Cuba is edgy. As to what causes the edge... perhaps some reviewers jump to a conclusion that it's an animalic (civet?), though perhaps its driven by a clove/herb/indolic floral interplay? Doesn't really matter to me.

    In any event, samples and bottles have been consistent to me. The only indication of a reformulation I've seen is in a review written here in '08 but he proceeds to tell us that he's come to this determination based off the memory of a vintage sample he'd used 2 years earlier. !!! Sorry, but I don't place any confidence in that. I surely am not going to go chasing down some phantom of a better vintage Cuba based on that. No, my two bottles look the same (I tossed the box of the one I'm working on so I cannot compare) and contain the same fine juice as far as I can tell. I don't seem to be as sensitive as others and experiences may differ.
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    Default Re: C&S Cuba Formulations

    Thanks for the input.

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    All the C&S fragrances were reformulated at some point. They had different packaging and everything. I don't remember the specifics, but I'm sure if you do a search on No. 88 reformulations you will find the info you're looking for.

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    Default Re: C&S Cuba Formulations

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    Default Re: C&S Cuba Formulations

    Bought Cuba when it launched in 2002, and sampled it again at the Jermyn Street shop 2 months ago. No discernible difference.
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    Default Re: C&S Cuba Formulations

    There's been discussions before on BN and the consensus seemed to be that there had been some changes/reforms over time.

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    Just got my bottle today. The peppermint in the opening is, in my opinion, simply brilliant.

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    I love Cuba.
    C&S moved manufacture from the brilliant Forester of Milan to the uk a few years back (maybe 2005???). This was a cost saving exercise and the formulae while still very good, were definitely cheapened. At that time C&S owned the formula to No.88 but not the other fragrances which were formulated by forester after they got the contract to produce 88 from John Stephen's original formula. They were reproduced by nose/specrometer without written formulae. The older formulations were sold in grey cylindrical packaging and are super rare now.

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    Hirch, could you comment on the differences in the pre and post 2005 bottles of Cuba specifically? Cheers.

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    I realize I started this thread and that it's about Cuba - but I have compared the vintage No.88 with the newer version and despite others saying it's darker, more gothic - they really smell verrrrry close to me. I'd be curious to hear about the vintage Cuba as well.

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    Neal, C&S actually owned the formula for 88 so they are very close, you are correct. there is less top notch sandalwood now and the rose oils are not quite what they were. But it is very close.
    Will, I have never smelled vintage Cuba unfortunately but i did smell vintage Frankincense and Myrrh and the differences in F&M are very marked. An incredible fragrance became a very good one. I didn't smell the old dark rose either but I recall reading scentemental and other good noses describing it and the newer one.
    Basically, forester of Milan are renowned for their tip top ingredients and home made floral bases. They also make DC 1913.
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