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    Question Anyone have experience or reviews on

    Hello Basenotes,

    I have been looking for a Candies for Men replacement for quite some time. I'm done buying the .18oz bottles for outrageous prices. As some of you may know, Candies was discontinued in 2009, I believe.

    Well, I've found several companies that mimic scents of designer fragrances. I was browsing Amazon and stumbled on Aroma-Center selling all my copycat scents of Candies.

    Have any of you purchased from or Aroma-Center on Amazon?

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    Default Re: Anyone have experience or reviews on

    A Quick Update:

    I decided to go ahead and buy the copy-cat oil, as well as some of my favorite colognes: Parish Hilton for Men, Parish Hilton Heir, A&F Fierce, Acqua Di Gio, and Gucci Guilty Intense.

    ALL the copy-cat oils smelled EXACTLY like their official counterpart EXCEPT the Candies. Their projection is unmatched... I hate saying this but these oils fair better than the originals.

    So it was a bit ironic that the one cologne (Candies for Men) that I truly wanted was not accurate... but the others were. I am just too tickled that the Gucci Guilty Intense is an exact replica, considering the fact that it is a fairly new fragrance.

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