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    Cool Xerjoff FIERO - CON US ONLY - 15ml/$68.50 - FULL

    Welcome to my Basenotes Splits!

    The Xerjoff Fiero bottle will be purchased directly from the Xerjoff e-Boutique, hence free shipping and no tax. Once all of the slots are filled, I will send you a PM and request payment through PayPal. The Fiero bottle is 75ml and will be split 5 ways, 15ml each.

    ***Update on Bottle: I will purchase the bottle from the Min New York store in New York. They are an authorized dealer of Xerjoff so we can trust that it will be legitimate and fresh. This will allow me to avoid customs fees and a lengthy delivery. I will cover any difference in prices and they will remain the same as I originally posted.***

    I will not atomize the original bottle, but will instead spray the fragrance very slowly so that it comes out in a spray and avoids atomization as much as possible. If that's not good enough, maybe I'll recruit Brian Chambers to suck out all of the juice with his syringes...

    I will only be opening this split up to those in the Continental US. I will eventually open my splits up to an International audience, but not quite yet. Also, as always, please do not get involved unless you are committed to following through with the payment when the split is filled.

    Xerjoff Fiero 1x15ml = $68.50
    (Price includes glass bottle atomizer, shipping costs and shipping materials)

    Slot 1 - Reserved
    Slot 2 - Reserved
    Slot 3 - Reserved
    Slot 4 - Reserved
    Slot 5 - Reserved

    A few words about my splits:
    I am fully committed to providing the best quality split available. For me, that comes down to dependable communication, updates, using high quality glass atomizers, properly transferring the perfume without atomizing it or sacrificing quality and then finally quality packing and shipping. You can be guaranteed that is what you will get from me.

    Split Full
    (Updated October 12, 2012 @1:58am EST)
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