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    Default Thinking about blind buying Lalique Pour Homme but...

    So I'm thinking about pulling the trigger on a blind buy of this, as I've heard really good things from several directions. However, while people have lavished it with all manner of praise, it has also been compared to some fragrances I'm not too keen on, like Versace's The Dreamer, Habit Rouge and Allure Homme.

    How pronounced are the similarities to those frags? Does Lalique have that creamy aldehydic vibe that Allure has? The powder of Habit Rouge? The sickly sweetness of The Dreamer? Can I possibly like Lalique without liking the other three? (Note: I don't hate them, just don't like them enough that I'd ever buy them.) Any insights appreciated.
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    Default Re: Thinking about blind buying Lalique Pour Homme but...

    Didn't notice this thread.....

    I am always encouraging blind buys. Its fun, exhilerating, and who the hell wants to go to some perfume shop where the snotty salesperson is as cold as a 1930s boarding school headmaster.

    I really don't know about a blind buy here. First, your wardrobe doesn't tell me you will like this one or accept it. That isn't the be all and end all of course. But I am tired of guys ( or boys ?) who purchase a fragrance and then whine about their dissapointment on the boards ( "Eeeewww !!!", " Old Man Juice !!", "Smells like Grandpa !!!"). There was one dude who kept asking about this Lalique close to a year back. I tried to help him out and encouraged him in the best manner, but when he eventually bought it ( after numerous threads), he whinned and cried. Eventually he got booted from here and last I heard he became a third rate adult film extra, then went crazy and preaches on a steet corner about the horrible blind buy he made.

    Now with regards to the fragrance, it comes in an EDP and an EDT. I have written on the differences in a previous thread. It doesn't really remind me of the Dreamer. I think you are citing the zzTopp review when you mention the Allure Homme comparisions. There is a similarity here and I like zzTopp's review. I like the Lalique much more. Better balanced and just better smell to me. The Allure Homme is more contemporary, however.

    It is similar to Habit Rouge in that they are both traditional edt fragrances. I guess you can call them both orientals ( vanilla in dry down). I wouldn't say that they smell like each other, but they can be substituted for one another.

    You can easily like the Lalique without liking the other three. It is NOT as creamy as Allure, not pwodery as HR edt or sweet as Dreamer.

    I like this scent alot, so I say go for it. If you don't like it, put it up for swap.
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    I don't know where you are but in the UK at least, Lalique are really good at sending out free samples if you email them. So it might be worth dropping them a line before you splash the cash.

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    Default Re: Thinking about blind buying Lalique Pour Homme but...

    I'd spring for it if I were you. A very nice scent IMO.

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    Default Re: Thinking about blind buying Lalique Pour Homme but...

    Even I bought it blind and I'm happy that I did. It is an outstanding scent. I've the EDP. Rest is well explained above by Surfacing.

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    Default Re: Thinking about blind buying Lalique Pour Homme but...

    Lalique pour homme was my signature scent for many years until just recently (I switched just for a change). I would recommend buying it blind. The worst thing someone could say is that it is 'just mehhh' or that it is unisex (if that is bad). I love it. I agree with those that say it is the perfect scent to put linen. It is clean and pleasant and exceptionally well-made. You really can't go wrong with it. Plus, as they mentioned above, you can always swap it out, if you don't like it. They make good colognes and many people have never even heard of them....I say buy it.

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    Default Re: Thinking about blind buying Lalique Pour Homme but...

    This is mega late, but I saw this thread and as a lover of LPH , I was even more interested in what you chose as a signature after LPH?!!
    Best regards

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