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    Default Re: How to Convince Your Significant Other You're Not Crazy

    Quote Originally Posted by hedonist222 View Post
    30 roses is the best thug. Whatever the new thug means lol

    Right on 30Rs! Great advice.
    I agree!
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    Default Re: How to Convince Your Significant Other You're Not Crazy

    Jeszra. Well done to you both for discussion his money matter and recognising it was a symptom not a cause. You seem to have reached an admirable solution for you both. Your fiancé has been brave and forthright discussing his concerns and his emotional reaction to them.

    A sign of a healthy relationship

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    Default Re: How to Convince Your Significant Other You're Not Crazy

    Fortunately, it never became a huge issue with my wife, although she did find it a bit odd that I picked up the hobby of building a fragrance wardrobe seemingly out of nowhere and rather suddenly after 10 years of marriage. She didn't have an issue with the money, as we set up our budget to include separate spending money accounts. This way we can feel free to spend that money on whatever we choose, regardless of what the other thinks about it, and not feel bad or guilty about it. However, she just wanted to understand "why" I suddenly picked up the hobby and what I truly enjoy about it more than anything else. She isn't personally into fragrances (has worn only one simple vanilla-based fragrance for years)...but, she has her own hobbies that I don't, that she spends her money on. What's important, I think, is being open and honest about things like this, and simply communicating to your significant other why you enjoy it and what you enjoy about it so much. I believe that someone that truly loves and cares for you will do their best to understand and respect things like this, as long as it doesn't do any "harm" to you, them, others, or greatly impact your financial situation negatively (put you into debt or make it so you can purchase more important and needed things, for example).

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