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    Default Making perfume lotion

    hello everyone! I bought one million couple weeks ago and i love it! The only problem with it is that, I don't think it lasts on my skin as it should be! From all the reviews I have seen, they all said it lasts between 6-8 hours. On me i think it only lasts 4 hours.. I tried using vaseline lotion but it just helped at bit. What I want to do now is that to make a perfume lotion where i can keep it in a small container and i can apply it when i feel the cologne is gone. What i was thinking of do is to to put some lotion than spray it with cologne n just store it. I'm just not sure if the cologne is gonna stay in the lotion not go away after a day or two any ideas?

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    Default Re: Making perfume lotion

    I have tried this already, but sadly to no avail. The fragrance and lotion combination changes the smell.
    Your best bet would be to look up tips (aside from the lotion idea) that help with longevity. Unless of course 1 Million is sold as a lotion

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    Default Re: Making perfume lotion

    yea i noticed it did change the smell a bit cause its not as sweet as it was ;/ do you know any tips the only one i have heard of is the lotion and layering which doesn't really help either

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    Default Re: Making perfume lotion

    I have heard a lot of suggestions in the past.
    The most common is, spraying your hair or clothes (fragrances tend to last longer on both). I do not spray my clothes since I do not want them to stain, and the fragrance smells a bit different on my clothes. I also stopped spraying my hair because it changes the scent, when mixed with my wax and hair spray.

    Honestly, your best bet is to purchase a few atomizers and decant 1 Million. Reapply it whenever you feel it has faded.
    Mind you, our brain and nose get used to a fragrance and begin to filter them out. There is a good chance it is still projecting, but your brain is simply not registering the scent.

    Here are the atomizers I buy and can vouch for, perfect spray amount, glass, and work wonderfully.

    That seller used to sell them in 10 packs (10 for $13), but I think I bought the last one. PM him and see if he is willing to sell you a set of 5 or 10. Or just buy 1.

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    Default Re: Making perfume lotion

    Are you sure that the fragrance really just lasts 4 hours on you and that you haven't just gotten used to the smell? I usually get poor longevity on everything but this stuff LASTS. Try and ask someone else if they can still smell you 6 hours in because I think having to reapply 1 million would just be too much. That stuff projects and lasts a while....I have a tie that I wore to homecoming 1 YEAR ago and I can still smell small hints of one million on it...yeah...

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    Default Re: Making perfume lotion

    alright thankss and Ic56 it does stay longer than 4 hours but it doesn't project. The only way i can smell it is to sniff my wrist

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