hey guys !
ive recently being limiting my purchases but am on the lookout to buy some new perfumes.
the thing is in my country (india) there are various ways to buy em, officially ofcourse, not in box pieces and the gray market.
i used to buy from this shop earlier when i notice that perfume bottles use to be accurate to the detail buit the fragrance inside used to always be different( i use to always sample before purchasing)
now theres this new guy i brought from whose bottles are sooo acurate i dont think there's anything off and the just smelt just fine to me.
that day i brought an issey miyake intense and chanel allure homme sport from him, for about 23$ and 29$ approx (his prices are all around this range) but when i smelt them, both were wayy different from what i remember, but bottles were exact !
i asked him about it, as he offers cash back, he returned my money back and told me something really surprising, we also deal in "firsts" if you know what i mean.
referring to first copies ofcourse, but this got me thinking, are there grades of copies in perfumes like there are grades of imitation watches ?
if thats the case then a good copy woukd be impossible to distinguish, as the smell would also be very accurate !
any proffesionals dealing in perfumes can enlighten me ?
also, if im purchasing a tester, and i dont get the tester box(white one with matching serial), if only tester not for sale is printed or there are any sort of tester markings, is it safe to buy such bottles ?
because i doubt fakers would fake a bottle and try to sell it as a tester.

so know i wanted to purchase versace eau fraiche and bvlgari extreme.
theres this shop near my place that deals in without bill perfumes (grey market im assuming), what im wondering is if these guys are producing such good not in box replicas, there must definately be boxed replicas as well !
bottomline is, in a gray market perfume, do the serial on the box and bottle match ?
is this a good way to determine authenticity (obviously the smell will be the best way)
is there any other way you can look at a box and say about the authenticity as such places will never take back their goods.
also im in india, so could you sugest a good place for puchasing online that ships to india for bvlgari extreme and versace eau fraiche ?

Thanks and have a good day