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    Default In Praise Of Nuit de Tubereuse...

    I've eyed this with a predatory gaze for a while, so when, in a moment of feeling purely self-indulgent I found myself in L'Artisan's store in Covent Garden on Friday, I succumbed to my profligate need to treat myself once in a while and bought it.

    What's interesting is that I didn't realise who the nose behind this was before I fell in love with the fragrance. What I did know was that I like Tuberose, albeit many, such as Fracas are too overpowering and heady for me to actually wear.

    Nuit de Tuberose however is a much more complex take on the accord and lends itself far more to being worn by the male skin.

    I have never made it a secret that I love rose fragrances appropriate for wear by a man. Hence my love of Hammam, Ungaro III, C&S No.88, Voleur de Roses etc.

    Nuit de Tuberose is a dry, spicy yet floral fragrance that is sophisticated and elegant at the same time. On the male skin it smacks of complexity and a degree of daring, as the sweeter pulls of ylang-ylang and orange bloosom flirt with the spicy pushes of a bold dash of pepper and cardomom and clove.

    It is a very clever fragrance because for a long time you wonder where the Tuberose is. It unfolds like a complex flower, or a particularly adept Burlesque artist.

    For a long time, I wondered what it was that it reminded me of. Which fragrance it was that it seemed to be a cousin of.

    It was only when I realised who the nose was, that it all fell into place.

    Bertrand Duchaufour.

    The man behind many of my favourite fragrances and the man behind... Sartorial by Penhaligons.

    You see, my Basenotes bretheren (and sisteren???), Nuit de Tuberose is, with not so much of a hop skip and a jump of imagination, the floral rose relative to the wonderful Sartorial.

    And for that reason, and if you are a man who likes Chanel Egoiste or No.88 or Hammam, then Nuit de Tubereuse should be reclassified in the Basenotes Directory as either being Unisex or male.

    It is eminently wearable by a man - in fact I don't think I would like it on a woman's skin at all, it would be too austere and dry.

    All in all, I absolutely adore this fragrance. It is masterful in the way it develops, and typical of Duchaufour who is one of the greats in our midst (and author of Paestum Rose, another of my favourites).

    It is the drydown that finally pops its cork. Nestled in the basenotes is a honeyed seductress of Tuberose, warm, soft, sweet yet utterly wanton, it is cossetted by sandalwood and heated by a sultry musk.

    It is, in short, lovely.
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    Default Re: In Praise Of Nuit de Tubereuse...

    Very nice scent IMO.

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    Default Re: In Praise Of Nuit de Tubereuse...

    I own a FB of this, and wear it every now and again. I greatly enjoy this. I think it's a fantastic scent. Very spicy but without the spices overwhelming the tuberose. It doesn't get much love on BN, though.

    Whilst the other tuberoses like Fracas and Carnal Flower are quite heady and in your face, I think NdT is more nuanced and eminently more wearable.

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    Default Re: In Praise Of Nuit de Tubereuse...

    I really wanted to like this, but the peppery notes are just a little bit too prominent for my taste. I'd prefer if the tuberose were a bit more heady, but then again there's no shortage of heady tuberose scents on the market.
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