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    Default Re: Your Top 20 Designer Fragrances

    Not in order:
    1) Rive Gauche
    2) Body Kouros
    3) Opium PH
    4) Gucci PH II
    5) Bvlgari Black
    6) Guerlain Homme
    7) Chanel Edition Blanche
    8) Terre de Hermes
    9) Fahrenheit
    10) Dreamer
    11) Dior Homme
    12) Hanae Mori
    13) Kouros
    14) Jaipur EDP
    15) Play Intense
    16) Rochas Man
    17) Individuel
    18) Pure Havane
    19) Pure Malt
    20) Kenzo PH

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    Default Re: Your Top 20 Designer Fragrances

    In no particular order:

    1) L'eau d'issey
    2) Acqua di Dio
    3) Armani Mania
    4) Armani Code
    5) Individuel
    6) Lalique pour homme
    7) Bvlgari Aqua (though it didn't last at all on my skin!)
    8) Chrome
    9) Tiffany for Men
    10) IL by Lancetti (great hidden gem from the past!)
    11) Jazz
    12) Body Kouros
    13) Bvlgari pour homme
    14) HM by Hanae Mori
    15) Drakkar Noir
    16) Chic by Carolina Herrera
    17) Prada Amber pour homme Intense
    18) Cartier Roadster
    19) D & G pour homme
    20) Kenneth Cole Reaction

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    Default Re: Your Top 20 Designer Fragrances

    Quote Originally Posted by tehtimmeh View Post
    I can't quite come up with 20, but in no particular order:

    1. RL Polo
    2. Azzaro PH
    3. Davidoff Zino
    4. Dior Homme
    5. Dior Homme Intense
    6. Dior Fahrenheit
    7. HL Cuiron
    8. YSL Kouros
    9. Versace Dreamer
    10. Burberry London
    11. Michael Kors For Men
    12. LIDGE
    13. RL Polo Crest
    14. YSL Kouros Fraicheur
    15. L'Occitane Eau Des Baux
    16. Chanel Egoiste
    17. YSL Rive Gauche
    Yes. Yes. LIDGE is a total given. It's actually my favourite scent, but I didn't include it as it didn't meet the specified criteria: (original) cost < $90. Very good call, though! <3 LIDGE!

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    Default Re: Your Top 20 Designer Fragrances

    Quote Originally Posted by Ete View Post
    Not in order:
    1) Rive Gauche
    20) Kenzo PH
    Very nice top20, Ete.

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    Default Re: Your Top 20 Designer Fragrances

    no order

    Dior Homme
    Dior Homme Intense
    Dior Homme Sport
    L'instant de Guerlain
    L'instant de Guerlain Extreme
    Gucci Envy
    CdG Wonderwood
    Bleu de Chanel
    Chanel Allure Homme Sport
    Chanel Egoiste
    Chanel Platinum Egoiste
    YSL L'Homme
    YSL La Nuit de L'Homme
    Tom Ford Extreme
    Pure Malt
    Pure Havane
    Rochas Man

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    Default Re: Your Top 20 Designer Fragrances

    Dunhill Blend 30
    Paco Rabanne pour Homme
    Tenere - Paco Rabanne
    Azzaro pour Homme (regular & Intense)
    Jules - Christian Dior
    Dunhill for Men (1934)
    Givenchy Vetyver
    Jazz Prestige - YSL
    Kouros - YSL
    Ungaro I
    Carlo Corinto Classic
    Halston Z-14
    Trussardi Uomo
    Van Cleef & Arpels
    Nino Cerruti (1979)
    Gucci pour Homme (1976)
    Tabac Original
    Captain Moulineux
    Sybaris - Puig

    Unapologetically old school.....
    ointments and perfume delight the heart....

    Currently wearing: Sauvage by Christian Dior

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    Default Re: Your Top 20 Designer Fragrances

    In no particular order:
    D&G PH
    Givenchy Xeryus Rouge
    Dior Homme Intense
    Azzaro Chrome
    Terre d'Hermes
    Cartier Declaration
    Polo Explorer
    Guerlain Habit Rouge
    L'instant de Guerlain PH
    A Men Pure Havane
    YSL L'Homme
    Azzaro PH
    Bogart Signature
    Bulgari Aqua PH
    Dior Fahrenheit
    Creed Millesime Imperial
    Creed Silver Mountain Water
    L'Eau D'Issey PH
    Hugo Boss Elements Aqua
    ST Dupont Essence Pure PH

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    Default Re: Your Top 20 Designer Fragrances

    Oops, I forgot LIDGE. It is $78, so it fits the criteria.
    Current top 10 (No order):

    1. Pure Havane
    2. Menthe Fraiche
    3. Tobacco Vanille
    4. L'Air Du Desert Marocain
    5. Green Irish Tweed
    6. Fahrenheit
    7. Musc Ravageur
    8. Tonka Imperial
    9. Gucci Pour Homme II
    10. Dior Homme Intense

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    Default Re: Your Top 20 Designer Fragrances

    i will get bored when i reach the 5th... Sorry.

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    Default Re: Your Top 20 Designer Fragrances

    Chanel Antaeus
    Chanel Egoiste
    Chanel Pour Monsieur
    Dior Fahrenheit (Vint)
    DK Fuel for Men
    Escada Magnetism
    Givenchy Vetyver
    Gucci Envy Men
    Gucci Nobile
    Gucci Pour Homme
    Gucci Pour Homme II
    Gucci Rush
    Helmut Lang Cuiron
    Helmut Lang EdC
    Pascal Morabito Or Black
    Patou pour Homme
    Thierry Mugler Pure Malt
    Tom Ford Extreme
    YSL Body Kouros
    YSL Kouros Fraicheur

    Bit of a shame when you see the rubbish Gucci puts out these days.

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    Default Re: Your Top 20 Designer Fragrances

    No particular order:

    pure malt
    la nuit
    chanel allure
    chanel ahs
    gucci pour homme I
    issey myiake l'eau d'issey

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    Default Re: Your Top 20 Designer Fragrances

    1. Eau de Rochas pour homme
    2. Dior Homme Intense "Vintage"
    3. Gucci Envy for Men
    4. Chanel Antaeus
    5. Bleu de Chanel
    6. Fahrenheit Absolute
    7. Comme des Garcons Wonderwood
    8. Cartier Declaration
    9. M7
    10. Kouros "Vintage"
    11. Joop! Rococo Homme
    12. Van Cleef & Arpels Pour Homme
    13. Zino Davidoff
    14. Chanel Allure Edition Blanche
    15. Ungaro III "Vintage", "Made in France" -version
    16. Joop! Nightflight
    17. Viktor & Rolf Antidote
    18. Baldessarini Stricktly Private
    19. Lagerfeld Man
    20. Bijan for Men
    "Le parfum est la musique du corps"
    (Marcel Rochas)

    Signature: Rochas Macassar (Nicolas Mamounas / Roger Pellegrino, 1980)

    Current Top 7:

    Chanel Antaeus (vtg) (Jaques Polge, 1981)
    Terre d' Hermes EDT (2006-2009) (Jean-Claude Ellena, 2006)
    Green Irish Tweed (Probably Oliver Creed / Pierre Bourdon, 1985)
    Eau de Rochas Pour Homme (Gilles Romey, 1993)
    Bleu de Chanel EDP (Jaques Polge, 2014)
    Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme (vtg) (Max Gavary, 1994)
    Chanel Allure Homme (vtg) (Jaques Polge, 1999)

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    Default Re: Your Top 20 Designer Fragrances

    1. Dior Homme
    2. Guerlain Vetiver
    3. Dior Homme Intense
    4. Chanel Antaeus
    5. Burberry Touch
    6. Azzaro Chrome
    7. Encre Noire
    8. A*Men
    9. Bvlgari Pour Homme Soir
    10. Kouros
    11. Pure Malt
    12. Al-Rehab Silver
    13. Mont Blanc Individuel
    14. Fahrenheit
    15. L'Instant de Guerlain PH Extreme
    16. Aramis Havana
    17. Animale Animale
    18. Dirty English
    19. Cool Water
    19. Bvlgari Black
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