Hey folks.

I am thinking about BLIND buying Chergui (or Alien Essence Absolue) as a present for my girlfriends birthday but I have some questions first:

1. Does Chergui has its kinda old school feeling like Shalimar or Chanel Coco or it is more modern?

2. It is very thick and heavy (lets say Opium PH or Egoiste) ?

3. Is there anything on my "tried" list that smells close to Chergui?

4. It is too "nichey" or could it be easy sold as a designer?

5. If not Chergui, what other Serge Lutens do you recommend as blind buy for her (She has and loves Alien, Addict, Euphoria, Gucci Rush, Ange Ou Demon Le Secret, also loves Black Orchid so she is gourmands positive and loves vanilla based fragrances and fruity florals)