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    Default Re: Alternative to Creed Aventus?

    Jo Malone Oud&Bergamot is pretty close.

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    Default Re: Alternative to Creed Aventus?

    I'm not saying Aventus is the best thing ever, but I own it and love it, and I agree completely with those who have said there isn't anything else like it.

    Bleecker Street has a similar vibe, but it smells very different.

    If you want a scent that can serve a similar purpose, there are quite a few. But if you want one that smells like it... well... I haven't smelled anything even remotely similar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mesaboogie View Post
    If you really wanna go cheap, I know of an eBay seller that makes a clone of Aventus and it smells VERY VERY much like Aventus. It lasts a long time too. It's like $25 for a 4 oz bottle.
    I'd LOVE to give that a smell! I wouldn't be surprised at all if somebody made an Aventus clone that smelled really good. The same? No. But really REALLY good? I wouldn't be surprised at all. I think this smell could be changed a lot and still turn out amazing.
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    Default Re: Alternative to Creed Aventus?

    People tend to only speak in extremes with Aventus... "It sucks"/"It is the BEST"
    BOTH are extreme. It is nice, a bit too much wet cigarette ashes. Poor Longevity, decent projection. Too expensive but better than Dept. store scents.
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    Default Re: Alternative to Creed Aventus?

    Pineapple juice with a cigarette butt floating inside it.

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    Default Re: Alternative to Creed Aventus?

    Quote Originally Posted by LiquidOcelot View Post
    Pineapple juice with a cigarette butt floating inside it.
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    Default Re: Alternative to Creed Aventus?

    It by no means smells the same, but Armani Attitude has a similar note/vibe, without the pineapple, and much dirtier. Maybe it's just me, but it always reminds me of it a little bit.

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