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Thread: My Quest!!

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    Default My Quest!!

    I'm not a newbie, but I thought this would be the appropriate board to post this in. I’m a 59 y/o retired martial arts instructor for the last 20 years who has a passion for fragrances. My friends tell me that I’m humorous, good looking,conservative, caring, and a strait shooting kind of guy. I’m looking for something new. Here’s a look at some of my favorites from my current collection that might help me in my quest:

    Creed MI
    Montale Black Aoud
    Guerlain Habit Rouge
    Black Orchid
    PR 1 Million
    Pure Malt
    Cool Water
    Animale Animale
    Givenchy Pi
    PR XS
    Express Reserve
    PdN New York
    D&G PH
    Chanel Bleu
    L’Artisan Patchouli Patch
    YSL M7
    MPG Amber Precieux
    Piper Nigrum

    So, how about some help here my BN friends
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    Default Re: My Quest!!

    Dior Homme Intense
    Musc Ravageur
    Spiritueuse Double Vanille
    Green Irish Tweed
    1. Dior Homme Original
    2. Musc Ravaguer
    3. Portrait of a Lady
    4. Noir de Noir
    5. L Instant Guerlain pour Homme Extreme
    6. New Haarlem
    7. Pure Coffee
    8. Blu Mediterraneo Sicilian Almond
    9. Rose 31
    10. Spiritueuse Double Vanille

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    Default Re: My Quest!!

    Ormonde Man. It fits your profile well, is classically-structured as to match your current likes, but is both modern enough and unique enough to make it worth your while. The juniper berry and pink peppercorn atop black hemlock and oud, supported by woods and musk make it a classic- refined masculinity that is quietly confident. I agree with Luca's rating of a perfect five stars.

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    Default Re: My Quest!!

    Montale Santal Wood

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    Default Re: My Quest!!

    I don't see vetivers in the list, presumably you don't like them, but otherwise, they would fit the straight shooting, conservative aspect, and be very appropriate for Florida's humid heat. Sycomore the obvious choice, with Malle vetiver extraordinaire if you want pure freshness instead.

    If you want to highlight the martial arts references, you could either go with an east asian inspired incense, like Artisan Parfumeur Timbuktu, or CDG Kyoto, or even the more fresh CDG2 man. Or, for butchness, a strong leather like Knize Ten or a dirty musk like Muscs Koublai Khan or Absolue pour le Soir.


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    Default Re: My Quest!!

    Looks like you favor the designers. Get some YSL L'homme in there. Call it a day.

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    Default Re: My Quest!!

    I'll recommend a few based on your favs list

    Dior Homme
    Tom Ford Extreme
    CdG Wonderwood
    Creed GIT

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    Default Re: My Quest!!

    Designer: YSL L'Homme
    Niche: MPG Santal Noble
    My Top '11' : (In no particular order)

    - Dolce & Gabbana: Pour Homme (vtg)
    - Paco Rabanne: pour homme (vtg)
    - Armani: Acqua di Gio Profumo
    - Davidoff: Leather Blend Edp
    - Rasasi: Al Wisam Day
    - Dior: Fahrenheit (vtg)
    - YSL: Kouros (Fraîcheur)
    - Mancera: Cedrat Boise
    - MPG: Santal Noble
    - Knize Ten
    - Amouage: Interlude

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    Default Re: My Quest!!


    Arso by Profumum - Upon application, one is treated to a rush of balsam fir, with its faintly fruity and terpenic woodiness. This Christmas tree aroma is, at once, sappy and resinous, with a somewhat bracing and clean quality. Waves of birch tar infuse its burnt-forest and campfire smokiness, as well as hints of bald leather, while a clove bud presents its charred-wood character. An entrancing and lively, colophony incense wafts about. And, an undercurrent of thuja, from cedar leaf, can be sensed with its woody, camphor scent, akin to menthol-like notes. A buttery, cedar chest aura from Virginia cedar couples with an anisaldehyde with its soft and sweet, licorice aroma, akin to Shoelace Sweets, and vies with the singed-conifer/leather/incense cocktail. A Peru balsam presents with its sweetly vanillic woodiness, with a urine phantom, while fir moss supplies its earthy and mouldy character, reminiscent of bark, needles and decaying wood on the forest floor. An intriguing drydown ensues. This manly and somewhat exotically unique fragrance has very good projection and longevity, 10 hours or more.


    A Taste of Heaven by By Kilian - Upon application, one is treated to an invigorating and herbal, lavender accord. The fresh and clean lavender commingles with the pungent, medicinal bitterness of wormwood. An aldehyde-like effervescence can be sensed as the accord percolates and drifts to the heart. Here, in the middle, florals infuse and transform the lavender. Orange blossom, with its fruity sweetness, a sweet rose, as well as bourbon geranium, with its flowery and sweetly green facets, usurp the lavender. The lavender takes on a more floral slant. A hint of saltiness flutters about. Segueing to the mellow base, the woody resins of amber interplay with the vanillic, nutty and somewhat spicy aspects of tonka bean. A more camphoraceous and slightly smoky lavender develops. A touch of powderiness presents. Plumes of foresty oakmoss as well as earthy patchouli appear here and there. A shower of bourbon vanilla imparts its woody and aromatic facets. The fascinating blending of the foregoing leads to a resplendent drydown. This all-season, well-blended, and masculine composition can prove to be very versatile. Wonderfully, this somewhat classy scent has very good projection, a 2-foot scent cloud, and longevity, about 10 hours.

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    Default Re: My Quest!!

    Thank you all for the advice. I need to check these out:

    Spiritueuse Double Vanille
    Ormonde Man
    Montale Santal Wood
    CDG's Kyoto & Wonderwood
    A Taste of Heaven by By Kilian
    Arso by Profumum
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