Christmas is coming and it is time to update my "wish list" I'd be most grateful for any and all comments or suggestions about the state of my wardrobe.

As much as I like sniffing different scents, I tend to keep a fairly small (by Basenotes standards) rotation. The fragrances in my wardrobe with less than 4 stars were either gifts or "strong" suggestions from other people. I like them enough to wear them occasionally, but the 4 and 5 star ones get much more use.

Génération M is my going to school/work scent because the projection is mild but it lasts a long time. Sung Homme gets worn on my free time because its powerful sillage could cause trouble in some "scent-sensitive" offices or classrooms. Dirty English gets worn for either work or play, but less often than the first two. I usually save Gengis Khan for getting dressed up. Old Spice is on there because I use the aftershave, body wash, and deodorant, so it forms a kind of perpetual basenote for other scents.

If it helps, you might look at what is on my "have tried," "used to own," and "to-test" lists. Also, I'm a grad student in music, getting close to the end of my studies, if that is of any relevance.