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    Default Comments on my Wardrobe?

    Christmas is coming and it is time to update my "wish list" I'd be most grateful for any and all comments or suggestions about the state of my wardrobe.

    As much as I like sniffing different scents, I tend to keep a fairly small (by Basenotes standards) rotation. The fragrances in my wardrobe with less than 4 stars were either gifts or "strong" suggestions from other people. I like them enough to wear them occasionally, but the 4 and 5 star ones get much more use.

    Génération M is my going to school/work scent because the projection is mild but it lasts a long time. Sung Homme gets worn on my free time because its powerful sillage could cause trouble in some "scent-sensitive" offices or classrooms. Dirty English gets worn for either work or play, but less often than the first two. I usually save Gengis Khan for getting dressed up. Old Spice is on there because I use the aftershave, body wash, and deodorant, so it forms a kind of perpetual basenote for other scents.

    If it helps, you might look at what is on my "have tried," "used to own," and "to-test" lists. Also, I'm a grad student in music, getting close to the end of my studies, if that is of any relevance.

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    Default Re: Comments on my Wardrobe?

    Your wardrobe looks mighty fine to me.

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    Default Re: Comments on my Wardrobe?

    I think the 2 on your wish list would be excellent additions to your wardrobe (Rive Gauche & Burberry London are 2 of my favorites). Also, from your test list, 2 others that could round out some versatility could be:

    Rochas Man & Live Jazz

    The great thing is, all 4 of those together would still be a reasonable cost.

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    Default Re: Comments on my Wardrobe?

    I highly recommend Burberry London for the winter months. It can really pick up your spirits on a cold day. I've gotta second fit&frag'd on Rochas Man as well. A great gourmand that won't annoy people like A*Men does.

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    Default Re: Comments on my Wardrobe?

    YSL Rive Gauche PH is one of my favorites and can be worn in just about all seasons and situations with it's lovely lavander and patchouli notes. It will remind you of having a barbershop shave and cut and won't offend anyone as long as you don't go to heavy on the trigger.
    I think your off in the right direction and listening to the guys around here is very helpful to expand on your collection. I don't feel as qualified as some of the more senior members to advise you. Best of Luck on your Fragrance journey!
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    Default Re: Comments on my Wardrobe?

    You have listed VIKT by SLUMBERHOUSE on your TRY LIST. I would like to try this as well.
    My favorite scent, a scent I wear everyday along or with other scents is Molecule 01. I recommend it!

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    Default Re: Comments on my Wardrobe?

    I really like both Burberry London and YSL Rive Gauche, which is why they are on my wish list, but both have some similarities to things already in my wardrobe.

    Rochas Man, however, would be a departure for me because I don't usually like sweet fragrances. I hear that it is the gourmand for people who don't like gourmands I would definitely like to try it first, though...

    I just looked at the Slumberhouse website and their sample pack looks tempting, seeing as there are no stockists in Toronto. I've heard that their fragrances are very lush, interesting, and sometimes challenging, so not the best option for a blind buy.

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    Default Re: Comments on my Wardrobe?

    I certainly can vouch for Burberry London and Rive Gauche PH. You will surely enjoy them both, and BL especially in the winter. I suggest you also check out Tom Ford Extreme for Men; it's a very masculine scent which would suit you well, IMO.

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    Default Re: Comments on my Wardrobe?

    I'm thinking now of asking for a bunch Christmas samples of scent I haven't tried, rather than full bottles: I Hate Perfume's 2nd Cumming, the Slumberhouse 5 pack, Bogart Pour Homme, Tom Ford Extreme, Carbone de Balmain. There's some other ones I'd like to try, but are so cheap, it doesn't seem worth it to just get a sample: vintage Halston z14 and Puig Quorum.

    Not that I would complain if my friends/family wanted to get me a bottle of Burberry London, Rive Gauche, or Aura de Jacomo!

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