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    Default Escada PH substitute???

    Just today I gave my sample of Escada PH a full wearing.

    GREAT stuff! Wow. I immediately went searching for a full bottle and discovered that it's selling for upwards of $100. Yikes. Way beyond my meager frag budget.

    Anything out there close to this gem?


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    Default Re: Escada PH substitute???

    Zino has some similarities but is not boozy and with more patchouli and rose and is way heavier on opening.
    Also Laura Biagiotti 'Roma' has similarities but also without the boozyness and is more synthetic.
    Minotaure maybe as well...........
    The boozy cognac vibe of Escada is one of a kind though.
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    Default Re: Escada PH substitute???

    I remember when this was dirt cheap at one time. Think I even sold mine for less than $20. *shakes head*

    Give JHL a try for the same effect.
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    Default Re: Escada PH substitute???

    I am fortunate to still have half of my 1.4 oz bottle, I got it at TJ Maxx about 2 years ago for 14 bucks I think. It's truly a great scent, so thick and boozy. To be honest, I don't know of anything that is similar. I do however feel, genre wise, it is comparable to Drakkar Noir, or Azzaro pH.

    Now that I think about it, it does share similarities with Paul Sebastian Fine Cologne, except PSFC definitley has more cinnamon going on, and smells cheaper.
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    Default Re: Escada PH substitute???

    Starring for Men by Avon might work for you but it's impossible to tell what you are mostly responding to in it, and I doubt that there is anything very similar.

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    Default Re: Escada PH substitute???

    Escada PH is pretty unique IMO.

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    Default Re: Escada PH substitute???

    I think Idole de Lubin has similar boozy vibe, but it's more complex and suave to my nose and even more expensive.

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    Default Re: Escada PH substitute???

    Thank you all for your rec's! I own Zino. And JHL was a staple in my wardrobe in the late 90's. Idole is definitely outside my budget. There's a note in the middle of EPH that I find fascinating.

    I ran across a bottle of Escada PH a few years back and didn't grab it b/c I vaguely remembered owning it in the early 90's and not liking it.

    Since then I've fallen in with the 80's Powerhouse Gang and now EPH strikes me as almost tame.

    Thanks again, P.

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