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    Default What are you wearing?

    Here we go, lets have a daily snapshot of what people are wearing, and since this is Basenotes along with the clothes you have on tell us what fragrance you chose to go along with them.

    I am wearing a Perry Ellis white button down shirt with a black grid design, silver cufflinks that look like knots, Levi's Offender jeans, a pair of grey New Balance trail runners, and a DKNY LED digital watch, oh, and I smell like rubber since I have on Bvlgari Black.

    Ok, who's next?

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    Default Re: What are you wearing?

    kilted, what a great idea! What a discipline!

    Today for meeting clients - black suit s/b two button by Ben Sherman. Moleskin slightly ribbed shirt and matt black silk tie with small printed leaf design both by Armani le collezioni. Watch by Emporio Armani and black slip on shoes by Patrick Cox. Eau de toilette - Balafre by Lancome.


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    Default Re: What are you wearing?

    i am wearing a navy blue jack victor three button suit, with side vents. *light blue stripes that go horizontal and vertical. * *white zegna shirt, cufflinks, tateosian blue cufflinks. my watch.*robert talbott best of class orange tie withe light blue dots. *ferragamo loafers with the bit and the rubber soles.

    cologne is eau des iles


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    Default Re: What are you wearing?

    Black&White shirt from Zara
    Knitted light brown cardigan from Empresa
    Levi's 511, Skinny fit
    Black belt
    White Desert boots from Clarks

    Philosykos on my neck, plus a blue scarf

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    Default Re: What are you wearing?

    Impressive sense of style all around it seems. I'm afraid I wouldn't qualify today though, I worked today and since part of my job involves maintaining a web site and another part involves packing up orders in our warehouse (it's a very small company, I am the only employee) I have no reason, nor would it make sense, to go all out on clothes. So today it was a red and black raglan sleeve t-shirt by Andrew Christian, a pair of CK black twill jeans (got them at Ross for $12.00 so they are perfect to wear to work since they might get beat up a bit) and a pair of old beat up sneakers for shoes. As far as a scent I chose CdG 3.

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    Default Re: What are you wearing?

    Seeing my accountant today- so grey pinstripe suit with side vents by DAKS, pale blue shirt by Rochas, black/blue/grey printed silk tie by Gucci, 'England' cuff-links, black ankle boots by Patrick Cox. Edt and aftershave Puig Quorum.


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    Default Re: What are you wearing?

    Black Lacoste tennis shirt, chocolate brown slim fit corduroys from H&M, brown Alberto Guardiani calf leather boots, rectangular brushed steel wristwatch, broad leather belt from Hugo Boss topped with a few spritzes of Floris Jf.


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    Default Re: What are you wearing?

    Leaving for England soon and just finished packing. Today itīs a red wool v-neck sweater from Lyle & Scott on top of white shirt with square brushed steel cufflinks. A.P.C. Jeans, beige suede loafers and beige suede belt from Daniele Alessandrini. Will be travelling with my navy blue Rockport XCS down jacket, cause itīs so damn practical and comfortable - not particularly good looking though. Stone Island wool hat + some old plaid scarf from the 70īs (my fatherīs).


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    Default Re: What are you wearing?

    Still in formal mode today - been at a 'resilience workshop' :

    Dark blue 'Prince of Wales' check sb 3 button suit with side vents - Jeff Banks.
    Beige and blue lightly checked shirt - Van Heusen and navy twill tie.
    Square mother of pearl cufflinks and chocolate belt - both Jasper Conran
    Chocolate semi brogues - YSL PH.

    The lovely warm and aromatic Monsieur Rochas


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    Default Re: What are you wearing?

    Brown tweed MaxMara trousers, high-heeled brown boots, brown turtleneck and brown cashmere short coat. Add granate earrings and Mitsouko.
    Short beige coat, beige shoes and short beige dress. Lots of lipgloss and 24, Faubourg.
    'I am not difficult, I am definite!' - Hedy Lamarr

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    Default Re: What are you wearing?

    Gettin ready for a day at the university by drinking coffe and surfing BN. Today itīs a dark brown knitted sweater (thick and with high neck) with corduroy patches on the elbows from H&M, Dark blue slim Lee Jeans (Wheeler), black squarebuckled army surplus belt, black leather slip on shoes from Zara and gonna slip into my brown Alessandrini tweed coat (3/4) and Stone Island Cap on the way out.


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    Default Re: What are you wearing?

    Lazy day at home today, so only a black Nike sweater and white Venice Beach trousers.

    Later (shopping) I wore a powder-blue Hilfiger pullover with a matching Alprausch base cap together with Levi's boot cut vintage jeans, a Scott outdoor jacket and Nike Aqua Sock shoes.

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    Default Re: What are you wearing?

    High Top All Star Chucks in a Navy Blue

    Dark Wash Diesel Jeans

    Leather Belt from the Gap in Green with Tan leather in the inside

    Emporio Armani Undershirt

    Blue Teel Ribbed sweater DKNY

    Mid length Wool Coat, Knock-off Dior Homme, bought it from some Asian guy who owned his own boutique and made imitation designer stuff, said it was real but I knew it was fake, but it looks like the real thing and it fits like a Dior Homme Coat.

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    Default Re: What are you wearing?

    Light blue checkered button down shirt from Lacoste, slim black pants from Dolce & Gabbana, brown woven leather belt, grey plaid socks from Burlington, Round steel Chronograph from Seiko.


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    Default Re: What are you wearing?

    More relaxed today. Mostly working at home on this cold crisp November day.

    Shirt - Warm Oxford weave in blueish purple - Dior with printed silk tie in a 'rural sporting' design (flying ducks, etc)
    Trousers - Dark olive cords with brown leather belt by Daniele Marinelli
    Watch - Rectangular face and brown leather strap - Emporio Armani
    Shoes - Ankle boots in brown leather and rubber sole - Church's

    Later, when I pop out will add toffee colour tweed jacket, 3 button, s/b with side vents by Mulberry and Dents soft brown leather gloves.

    Atkinson's English Lavender completes the ensemble

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    Default Re: What are you wearing?

    Slacking today at a friends pad as well. Grey Hoodie from Duffer of St.George, semi-baggy Diesel jeans, 10 hole Timberland boots, blue down west from Canadian Goose.


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    Default Re: What are you wearing?

    High top Chuck Taylors in Black

    Light Wash Diesel Jeans

    White Dress Shirt, Zegna, underneath a Black Wool Merino Sweater from Calvin Klein

    Black Zip up Fleece Jacket from the Gap.

    Dior Homme Dog chain.

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    Default Re: What are you wearing?

    Going to a friends 25 years birthday party tonight. Will be wearing a black wool turtleneck (H&M) under a blue slim fit pin stripe jacket (also from H&M), jeans from Daniele Alessandrini with torn details, brown wowen leather belt, mixed material velcro-laced brown shoes from Zara (this type: - Gucci style ripoffs). Will be wearing Cuiron since he has it to, so I can refresh it there.


    Oh, and I`ve gotten him a Dior Homme gift set for present.

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    Default Re: What are you wearing?

    Plain white t-shirt from Wal-Mart, grey turtleneck from Banana Repblic, Leather Bomber Jacket from Danier, Tommy Hilfiger Khakis with a Fendi belt, and a pair of classic Nike Cortez.

    forgot to mention my CK undies but i think that's too much info ;D
    Current top 5:
    1. MDCI Chypre Palatin
    2. Guerlain Arsene Lupin (Dandy)

    3. Roja Dove Enigma Parfum Pour Homme
    4. Roja Dove Vetiver Extrait
    5. Guerlain Heritage (any formulation)

    Decants for swap:

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    Default Re: What are you wearing?

    Blue jeans by Diesel
    Beige sweater from MaxMara
    2toned beige heels from Pura Lopez
    and Beige knee-lenght waisted coat Balenciaga-style.
    Complemented with pearl earrings and Mitsouko.
    'I am not difficult, I am definite!' - Hedy Lamarr

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    Default Re: What are you wearing?

    A pair of old Garmont Kevlar hiking boots, something about the thought that maybe, just maybe, if I needed them to be, my feet would be bullet proof ;D, Levi Offender jeans, and a cashmere/silk blend long sleeve crewneck shirt in black from Jhane Barnes.

    And while I didn't look anything like a French policeman apparently I smelled like one as I was wearing Gendarme.

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    Default Re: What are you wearing?

    Striped grey and black wool v-neck from John Smedley, black v-neck t-shirt from Hugo Boss under, really old and torn light blue Lee-jeans, black army surplus belt with square metal buckle, double breasted marine wool coat 2/4 with little anchors on the buttons, black Rod Lavers from Adidas, these:, New Tabarome as sotd.


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    Default Re: What are you wearing?

    On Sunday, for a small family dinner party at my sister's:

    New black shirt with tiny dark blue/grey flower design; grey slightly boot-cut flannel trousers and black belt - all by John Richmond
    Knitted black waistcoat
    Black slip on shoes - Patrick Cox

    Sotd - Vetyver Lanvin

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    Default Re: What are you wearing?

    Beige Cashmere/wool blend crew neck sweater from Benetton, checkered red and white Fred Perry shirt underneath, A.P.C. Jeans, brown woven leather belt + I dug out my ancient (probably soon a decade old) Clarkīs Wallabeeīs - also brown. All is topped with a few sprays of Eau Sauvage.

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    Default Re: What are you wearing?

    Rather sombre and formal today:

    Suit - charcoal grey pinstripe s/b with side vents - DAKS, with silk square in top pocket
    Shirt - White cotton with cutaway collar and dark burgundy silk tie, square mother-of-pearl cufflinks - all Jasper Conran
    Shoes- Dark chocolate half brogues - YSL and black leather belt

    Lighten it up a bit with a 3/4 length airforce blue coat from Jones London when I pop between meetings

    sotd - Floris Elite.


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    Default Re: What are you wearing?

    supercasual today:
    Report Playah shoes
    Paper Denim LIT jeans
    Buffalo t-shirt

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    Default Re: What are you wearing?

    Bone-white Ralph Lauren pique, same A.P.C. jeans as yesterday, light brown suede belt+light brown suede loafers both from Florence - no special brand, steel chronograph + some squirts of YSL M7.


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    Default Re: What are you wearing?

    chocolate brown sweater and pants (MaxMara)
    brown high-heeled boots
    short beige coat with big siberian fox collar over it
    beige tight gloves
    brown handbag (Furla)
    peral earrings
    and .... 24, Faubourg
    'I am not difficult, I am definite!' - Hedy Lamarr

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    Default Re: What are you wearing?

    don't you guys have digital cameras? i want pics!

    Traveller, there is no path. You make the path as you walk. -- A. Machado

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    Default Re: What are you wearing?

    Quote Originally Posted by liquid
    don't you guys have digital cameras? *i want pics!

    That might just destroy the illusion......

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    Default Re: What are you wearing?

    High Collar Knitted light blue sweater from H&M, black corduroys from Helmut Lang, Timberland Boots for a VERY rainy day, Tweed Coat 3/4 from Alessandrini, blue and red plaid cashmere scarf bought in Florence .


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    Default Re: What are you wearing?

    Black twill CK Jeans (bought off the clearance rack at Ross for $12), white Perry Ellis dress shirt with french cuffs (on sale for $25 at Dillards), silver cufflinks, red crew-neck sweater with an argyle pattern on the sleeves ($25 from Target), and black and grey, shinny, funky looking shoes that I bought at Sears on clearance for $20.00.

    It was a day of bargain clothing, but I looked pretty damn good.

    I smelled pretty decent as well since I was wearing Kyoto

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    Default Re: What are you wearing?

    Black t-shirt with card-deck print from Block 60, sandblasted really slim jeans from some weird italian brand called Elle Uomo, broad brown leather belt with square pattern relief, brown Alberto Guardiani leather boots, brushed steel chronograph (Seiko) + Obsession, both stick & EDT = Lovely [smiley=beer.gif]


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    Default Re: What are you wearing?

    Pair of PJ Shorts (sounds like a singer LOL!).

    I have the joy of being home sick with Labyrinthitis, basically all the fun of being drunk with none of the alcohol! :-/

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    Default Re: What are you wearing?

    Blue Cult jeans, Ben Sherman George Best tshirt, Diesel sneakers

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    Default Re: What are you wearing?

    Sunday for lounging around at home-
    Red V neck cotton sweater over slim fit tartan shirt - both Tommy Hilfiger
    traditional denim jeans - UNIQLO with western style belt by Jasper Conran Jeans
    Brown suede lace up ankle boots - Ted Lapidus

    Sotd - Brut

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    Default Re: What are you wearing?

    Just returned from a weekend trip to Helsinki and I must say Iīm happy to live in Sweden fashionwise. It was almost imposible to find decent clothes to buy.

    Anyhoo, today itīs a dark blue knit v-neck from H&M, black v-neck t-shirt/HUGO BOSS underneath, botanical print jeans from Roberto Cavalli, black textile army belt, black loafers from Zara. Also I caught a bad cold, so Iīll be scentless at home dinking chamomille tea all day.

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    Default Re: What are you wearing?

    At work today in brown wool trousers, black thin boatneck sweater (Sisley), brown leather boots and all wrapped up in a huge beautiful brown-rust toned MaxMara pashmina with paisley motif. Chocolate-brown Marella coat and Mitsouko.
    'I am not difficult, I am definite!' - Hedy Lamarr

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    Default Re: What are you wearing?

    Doing a bit of Christmas shopping and then meetings later-

    Dark blue Prince of Wales sb suit with side vents, over airforce blue herringbone shirt (open necked) and black leather belt - all Jeff Banks London
    Nice paisley silk square in top pocket - Atelier Versace
    Dark chocolate half-brogues - YSL Pour Homme

    Will put on black crombie-style coat when I go out

    Sotd - Chanel PM

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    Default Re: What are you wearing?

    Bright red high neck wool sweater from Daniele Alessandrini, thin black belt with square buckle from Hugo Boss, blue Re-Hash jeans, tall black calf leather boots by Cesare Paciotti. SOTD - Polo Crest

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    Default Re: What are you wearing?

    my oldest pair of Chuck Taylors, their pretty beat up.

    Guess jeans, dark wash with some whiskers marks.

    Gap Sweater, Black

    Knock Off Dior Homme Mid length Wool Coat.

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    Default Re: What are you wearing?

    Still Ill. Colds suck. So today itīs all about comfort: Huge Fila basketball t-shirt, adidas shorts, red knitted wool socks that grandma made for me. Gonna surf Basenotes, drink tea and play Battlefield 2 all day, being sick actually kind of rocks.


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    Default Re: What are you wearing?

    Beat up pair of Chucks. My new pair with a fur lining is coming soon in the mail. Can't wait, sure will keep my toes warm in the winter.

    Guess Jeans, dark wash.

    Graphic Blue Hoodie with A brown vintage sweater/jacket on top.

    White Belt

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    Default Re: What are you wearing?

    Nearly-black v neck sweater over black self-stripe shirt and black cotton jeans - all from Mens Autograph range from Marks and Spencer

    Black belt with 'cK' design buckle, dark grey check socks and stainless steel watch - all by Calvin Klein

    Brown boots as before

    Sotd - Obsession ;D

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    Default Re: What are you wearing?

    White and red Fred Perry pique, slim black Helmut Lang corduroys, black Paciotti leather boots, round steel chronograph, olive green bomber jacket from Alpha Industries, blue/red plaid cashmere scarf. SOTD - Bulgari Pour Homme


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    Default Re: What are you wearing?

    Brown Corduroy Pants from the Gap

    Hi-top Chucks in Navy Blue

    White Goth Belt

    Blue Hoodie

    Brown Vintage Coat/Jacket

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    Default Re: What are you wearing?

    White shirt with blue checks under a light grey merino-wool sweater - both from H&M, Jeans from Acne, brown belt with horseshoe-shaped buckle from Duffer of St. George, brown Guardiani boots. SOTD - Sample of 212 which Iīm beginning to really enjoy.


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    Default Re: What are you wearing?

    Important meeting with a client later about new business, so:

    My new DAKS grey pinstripe suit - SB with side vents
    White cotton shirt from Crombie, Jermyn St
    Burgundy silk tie - Jasper Conran and similar colour cuff-links - Oswald Boateng
    Pale lilac silk square
    Black leather belt
    Dark Chocolate semi-brogues - YSL
    Grey ribbed socks - Viyella

    SOTD - Green Irish Tweed

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    Default Re: What are you wearing?

    Levi's Premium Strummer Jeans in a very dark blue wash, long sleeve fitted crew from Banana Republic in a dark, heathered red, grey New Balance 470's, and a button up cardigan hoodie from Swiss Army. SOTD Calamus.

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    Default Re: What are you wearing?

    Diesel dark/dirty wash jeans, Calvin Klein dark blue/olive/light green striped merino sweater and Kenneth Cole Reaction shoes (Fin-Nomenal) with John Varvatos

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    Default Re: What are you wearing?

    Black Born Havoc shoes, black socks with red stripes from Express, black Hugo Boss jeans, white modern cut dress shirt from Express, red Dior Homme suspenders and a black skinny tie with red flame graphic from Dior Homme. SOTD Mechant Loup by L'Artisian.

    If I say so myself I look and smell damn good today ;-)

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    Default Re: What are you wearing?

    kilted - sounds very cool!

    I'm a bit more soberly dressed as I am working in the office of my Associates today:

    Suit - dark blue Prince of Wales SB with side vents by Jeff Banks

    Pale pink checked shirt - Dior (not Dior Homme) and plain navy thick woven silk tie from my local outfitters

    Pocket square in pink, blue, cream paisley by Lehner from Geo F Trumper

    Black leather belt - Jeff Banks

    Long dark grey socks - Wolsey

    Black square toed ankle boots - Jeffery-West

    SOTD - Azzaro PH

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    Default Re: What are you wearing?

    Slightly more relaxed today:

    Black very finely ribbed woolmix suit - 2 button SB with centre vent - Ben Sherman
    Taupe fine cord shirt and silk tie with wavy lines in blacks, browns, cream - both Armani le Collezioni
    Greyish/black leather belt with brass buckle - vintage Giorgio Armani (got it in Milano in 1983)
    Black ribbed long socks - Wolsey
    Very dark chocolate half-brogue shoes - YSL Pour Homme
    Watch with dark brown leather strap - Emporio Armani

    SOTD Sandalwood by Crabtree & Evelyn

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    Default Re: What are you wearing?

    It's a bargain day today, dark brown, canvas jeans with a green rubberized cloth stripe down each leg from Dolce & Gabbana that I bought for $52.00 ( kicks some serious butt sometimes), a white button down shirt with a white paisley print by Perry Ellis I got for $19.00, and a pair of brown, ankle high, motorcylesque boots I got for $29.99. I am also wearing Rochas Aquaman, the bottle of which probably cost as much as anything else I am wearing.

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    Default Re: What are you wearing?

    I doubt I am a fashon guru. I can help my sistes with the occasional outfit.

    Today I went with the Dark Blue Lee Dungarees, Black Timberland Boots and belt with a black based Led Zepplin shirt. Who am I impressing anyway....

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    Default Re: What are you wearing?

    Cargo pants and a T-Shirt

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    Default Re: What are you wearing?

    Seafoam green bhospital-laundered scrubs, ugly flat Brooks standing shoes, and Polo Explorer cause it smells like the fragrance in isopropanol alcohol

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