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    Default Peep toes and tights?

    I wanted to ask y'all's opinion on this:

    Can I wear leopard print peep toe flats with opaque black (footed) tights? The bottom of the shoe is also black. Usually I would think this is tacky, but are there any exceptions? Be honest, people. My first instinct says "no way!," but I just have to ask.

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    Default Re: Peep toes and tights?

    Is the issue with the shoes or the thigh? I don't see any problem with the leopard print, but I don't think you should wear open toes and tights/socks of any color or material. Bare feet with nicely colored nails.

    But I feel like I've been conveying my opinionated Milanese self a bit too much in recent style threads.


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    Default Re: Peep toes and tights?

    Doesn't sound like a winning look for me, misscasey. But what is the look you're trying to achieve?

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    Default Re: Peep toes and tights?

    It's getting too cold for open-toed shoes, so I was hoping for an excuse to wear tights with them. Oh well ... they're not really "me" anyway but were more of an impulse buy.

    I asked some ladies at work, and they just said to "try it." I think they were just being nice.
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    Default Re: Peep toes and tights?

    I ADORE tights with peep toes and open these...

    Go for it, Miss Casey. are a couple of examples of flat peep toes with tights...

    I think you just need to be careful about balance of weight & color of the tights and the shoes. You'll just know if it's wrong, it will look all wrong. I like all of the above examples.

    (I used to dress like #1 years and years ago when I was young and cute and dressed out of thrift shops and could get away with it. Who knew Rochas would be showing the same look on runways 30 years later? Everything that goes around comes around. I think it is a timeless look, though, this sort of bag lady look, whatever it is called. Hmm...not really bag lady, more like discovering your grandmother's old things in an attic or closet).
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    Default Re: Peep toes and tights?

    Agree with Lilybelle. I love that look and have a pair of plain black peep toes I wear with meanswear pattern tights / stockings. It's quirky, fun, young, covered, and feminine.

    Perhaps dark grey smooth tights (no texture) with the leopard print so there isn't too much going on?

    This could be a very cute look with pants, actually, as a contrast.

    Painted toes are out this season - buffed is in. That has always been my favorite look - nice and clean and groomed and not trying too hard - love it!

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    Default Re: Peep toes and tights?

    I think it could be a cute look.
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    I agree agree with Lilybelle. Love the look in photo no 3! With a leopard print I would probably go for black tights.

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    Default Re: Peep toes and tights?

    Yes, I love #3 too! I like the patterned/ribbed tights with the open toe shoe.

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