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    Default Random thoughts on random samples...Part Deux

    Cartier Declaration Cologne ...this is my fourth Declaration having tried the original..Bois Bleu...and L'essence. The opening definitely has more citrus and the touch of ginger will come into play. This is actually a beautiful take on Declaration. It still is spicy and yes a bit tamer than the original. It seemed to have excellent longevity on my skin and I could smell it long into the evening. Declaration has grown on me. I liked this.

    Ormonde Jayne Man ....>>> Beautiful well made scent where everything just blends together and nothing is out of place. The notes are in the review section so I will just say that this fragrance will not jump up and down. hit you in the face,or scream to get your attention. This is something I look for at times..subtle understated elegance. A quiet confidence that says I am made well and you will smell good. Not the longest lasting scent but lasted long enough to know it is there. As I am finished with full bottles I see a decant of this in my future.

    Ulrich Lang Nightscape...>>>Too many nice scents. I really enjoyed this. Patchouli is something that has grown on me. I am quite fond of it. The patchouli here is strong considering how tame the overall scent settles down to be. Please do not mistake the term tame for uninteresting. This scent is warm and classy, refined and elegant. It did turn out to be a bit weak and I did wish it would last longer. I would imagine that with a bottle reapplying later in the day would be necessary. Again..would like a decant of this.

    Heeley Cuir Pleine Fleur ...Love leather dislike florals..on me. This one is so well just bloomed from the opening notes until the wonderful dry down. My favorite Heeley composition. It is earthy, it is floral, it is soft, it is refined. Straight to the "I want this list"...big decant of this.

    Amouage Memoir Man ...This is serious stuff with a serious price. My first try from this house. Definitely the opposite of understated. This is like an epic poem that kept evolving. Imagery that was dark and mysterious. The evil forest you do not want to be in at night. Long lasting. If the rest of the Amouage line is as nice as this my wallet could be in serious trouble.
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    Default Re: Random thoughts on random samples...Part Deux

    Nice reviews.

    I enjoyed your take on Ormonde Man and Cuir Pleine Fleur, two frags I've been interested in sampling.

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    Default Re: Random thoughts on random samples...Part Deux

    Good stuff.

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    Default Re: Random thoughts on random samples...Part Deux

    Like your take on the Cartier and Heeley. Both fine scents.

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