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Thread: Ysl m7 Fresh

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    Default Ysl m7 Fresh

    hey guys !
    this is a qick post, a grey market shop nearby has ysl m7 fresh avaliable for approx 45$
    do you think i should go for it ?
    i have the m7 reformulated and love it !
    what are your experiences on projjection longevity sillage ?
    hurry guys

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    Default Re: Ysl m7 Fresh

    45$ is a good price. Its what I paid for mine (boxed tester with cap). Longevity is 4-5 hours good sillage and projection right to the end on my skin. Amazing scent for the money I would put Martine Micallef's Aoud 1 and Monatles Wild Aoud in the same category. It holds its own as the forefather of the fresh oud crowd.
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    Default Re: Ysl m7 Fresh

    I'd pick it up if you have a chance.

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    Default Re: Ysl m7 Fresh

    I found a shop that has 5 bottles left. I bought it or 38 euros 100ml bottle. Great value I may get another one

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    Default Re: Ysl m7 Fresh

    Great underrated perfume, great citrus & oud scent. Grab it and stock up bottles for the future.

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    Default Re: Ysl m7 Fresh

    It's the retailer is trustworthy, the price 0f 45$ is good.

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    Default Re: Ysl m7 Fresh

    Definitely do it since m7 fresh is discontinued

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    Quote Originally Posted by fraghead93 View Post
    hurry guys


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