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    Default Aramis Incompetent

    Aramis had a fragrance called Impeccable, which was out for about five minutes. I looked for it with some intention, and never saw it anywhere. They've now announced a new one called Aramis Gentleman, for which I stopped in Bloomingdales several times, and it is a "no show". They tell me it was supposed to have come at the beginning of October, but there's no word when it will get in. My sense is that there's no marketing mind at all behind this product line anymore; and they frankly don't care. Why release new issues with so little enthusiasm for their work? They don't seem to care very much what the buying public thinks. Just as they didn't care and discontinued the excellent Aramis Shampoo/Conditioner, which was my favorite hair care product, but is no more. Further the excellent Aramis Special Reserve had a very short shelf life and no promotion whatsoever. If Aramis Gentleman turns out to be another five-minute wonder, maybe they should hang it up with one last announcement of a new release that simply never comes out at all-- called Aramis Incompetent.
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    I find their entire lineup one of the most competent around. It is true they do not spend the mega bucks on marketing like some other houses, but my guess is that is one way they keep their retail prices so relatively low. If they never released another fragrance I would still be in awe at the quality they have kept up with their current lineup.
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    Default Re: Aramis Incompetent

    The fragrances are very competent, and I really like many of them. They are not competent in promoting their scents. Special Reserve was the finest iteration of original Aramis that has ever been released, and it was not featured anywhere, and came and went it a flash. It should have been promoted in major stores instead of being placed on the bottom shelf for a very short time after which dozens of bottles were pulled in a flash. When I asked the salesman where it was only a couple of weeks after I purchased my first bottle he said it was taken off the shelf as it was no different from original Aramis. That was not correct.

    Aramis Gentleman was supposed to come out early this month, and this time the head of mens' fragrances at Bloomingdales told me they have no idea when it is coming, and there is no information nor any advance samples available. A company that takes the time to make something they think is worth selling should put some effort into justifying the release of the product.
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    Default Re: Aramis Incompetent

    Sadly I have to agree. Their marketing arm deserves a better budget. Any luck finding them on eBay?

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