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    Default Re: Convince me not to buy 'Noir de Noir' !

    Quote Originally Posted by VanAllan View Post
    Imho, this fragrance match perfectly a confident driver in a nice silver don't buy it (if you don't own a Jaguar)
    Agree totally. This fragrance goes very well with a silver Jaguar - it's that kind of rose scent.
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    Default Re: Convince me not to buy 'Noir de Noir' !

    Quote Originally Posted by SilverJag View Post
    I've been wearing my sample all throughout this fall and I LOVE everything about it.
    Cheers to you sir! You've done it exactly right! I expected to see impulse buying or even blind buying, as is often the case with this sort of post, but no. You've sampled it. You've worn it. You know it. Awesome! The only reason I can think of NOT to buy it is if you want to get another sample and take a chance on waiting for an online sale somewhere - if that's even possible?

    One thought: figure out the best way to pay. A credit card that gets the most points or maybe open a store card... something like that? Any chance on using eBates? Good luck!

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    ...on the other hand:

    Quote Originally Posted by LloydLlewellyn View Post
    Don't buy it! That way the rest of us will have more to our disposal, mwahahahaha!
    ...can't argue with that logic
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    Default Re: Convince me not to buy 'Noir de Noir' !

    do it, is my favorite fragrance from tom ford private blend.

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    Default Re: Convince me not to buy 'Noir de Noir' !

    Noir De Noir has cooties, not only that, but seriously, it's just another rose/oud scent..I mean really.

    But seriously, I want that one myself..I say do it if you can cause I can't right now, lol. I will keep a split in mind in the future sometime though.

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    Default Re: Convince me not to buy 'Noir de Noir' !

    I just got in on a split from Kron and it can't get here fast enough!
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    Default Re: Convince me not to buy 'Noir de Noir' !

    I would be lying if I said it wasn't good enough to own (cuz I do).

    HOWEVER, you asked me to convince you otherwise - so I am going to offer my best arguments against it. I know it well, so I know its weaknesses......

    (1) Armani Prive Rose d'Arabie is very similar, may actually be better, and the magical part lasts a lot longer.

    (2) The great opening of Noir de Noir is weak and fragile, and falls apart. Yes, amazing, but only gets worse as it goes along.

    (3) You will be embarrassed to wear it often because it's really strong and just a tad feminine - NOT that versatile.

    (4) Chuck Norris can take down a bottle of Noir de Noir, no problem.
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    Default Re: Convince me not to buy 'Noir de Noir' !

    I like the top and middle notes A LOT but the drydown was so powdery and synthetic, I cringed.

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    Default Re: Convince me not to buy 'Noir de Noir' !

    You could buy 3 other really good fragrances with that money :P
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    Default Re: Convince me not to buy 'Noir de Noir' !

    Hehe you guys are great I got 30 mL coming my way hopefully sometime this week, I'm super excited! I've been wearing the heck out of my small collection of NdN samples lately and the love is only growing.

    I have to admit, it hasn't been very popular with my mom and her friends -- they're calling it a 'grandfather' fragrance. I can only imagine what the 20s crowd would say. I'll keep experimenting and let you guys know.

    Next on the list is to get that Jag you guys mentioned. The new F type I think will do nicely 1977d1349440328-jaguar-f-type-jaguar-f-type-rear-cross-side-view-121.jpg
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    Default Re: Convince me not to buy 'Noir de Noir' !

    I can't stop's amazing

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    Default Re: Convince me not to buy 'Noir de Noir' !

    As with many from the private line, they are becoming harder and harder to find. If I had the money, I would own this, Tuscan Leather and possibly Tobacco Vanille in the 50 ml bottles.
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    Default Re: Convince me not to buy 'Noir de Noir' !

    You can save yourself some money by purchasing Golden Boy edp, rather than Tuscan Leather. GB is actually a richer parfum than is TL. As far as Tobacco Vanille goes, I keep on buying decants and that works for me. Can't justify spending so much money on a poorly manufactured flacon.

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