Some of you know that my Mom and Dad passed recently, within three months of each other, after 60 years of marriage. Over the past several years, I have been writing about their interracial marriage, and this weekend had the inspiration to start a blog as a reflection of so many of the lessons I learned from their relationship. Then, sort of organically, I started adding intermissions on perfume, because I realized that interwoven in the story were memories, moments and whatnot. It's like writing about the perfume in between writing about some of the heavier topics, provide a touch of beauty, much in the same way that wearing fragrance in real life does that for me.

Long story short, I thought what better place to share it than here. Without you all, I would not have had this kind of beauty in my life, or at least, not the in depth appreciation of it that this community fosters.
Would love any feedback. Again, the blog is not exclusively about fragrance, more about life lessons interspersed with thoughts on perfumes that I love or that have played a role in my parents' lives.

Here is the link to the page that introduces mom and dad's relationship:
Here is the link to the page I wrote today comparing the house of Chanel and Guerlain:

Brand new at this. Thanks for looking. I'm going to have a look about this blog forum myself!