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    Default rose leather musk recommendation please

    A friend of mine needs cheering up and i know a gift of fragrance would be appreciated. She is a single mum and rarely gets to treat herself.
    Now i know from samples i have given her she likes the three notes i mention and i would appreciate some ideas along those lines. Living in London i have a fairly broad availability for purchase so please any suggestions.

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    Default Re: rose leather musk recommendation please

    What is the type of budget you have in mind?

    For the three notes together, I can mainly think about Arabian style rose-oud combos, which sometimes have leathery connotations. Examples would be Dior Leather Oud (or even its Oud Ispahan) or Montale Oud Cuir d'Arabie. But these tend to be very expensive, especially the Dior. Arabian perfume houses, which are certainly sold somewhere in London, could have similar inexpensive oils, but I wouldn't know which ones are really good.

    For an uplifting rose with cream and musk, my suggestion would be YSL Rive Gauche (or even better Paco Rabanne Calandre, but I think the latter is hard to find). My happiest and cheeriest rose, however, would be Lush B Scent, simple, unpretentious, but very very happy. It's cheap, but I don't know if it is sold in actual Lush stores or only online. In general, Lush gorilla perfumes tend to be very cheery and bright - cheap, but uplifting.

    If she feels like whipping somebody's ***, then there's the butch floral leather of Bandit (though it's certainly not very rosy).


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    Default Re: rose leather musk recommendation please

    Thanks. Montale are hard to come by but dior has the exclusive range in Selfridges so i will try and blag a sample. She is a very sensual person and has expensive taste!
    She loved Serge Leutens rose de nuit but i believe its only available in Paris. She also liked Penhaligons orange blossom but thought it to tame and not enough musk. Czeck and speake dark rose also made an impression but i cant stand it.
    Ispahan sounds like it could fit the bill and i have considered taking her to a Amouage boutique but i fear she may like one of their very expensive Attars.

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    Default Re: rose leather musk recommendation please

    Since you live in the UK, you can get Rose de Nuit shipped to you.

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    Default Re: rose leather musk recommendation please

    When I saw the title of this thread, I just had to look. Love those notes. So I'll be following to see what you come up with. I do have Calandre and love it. But they say Rive Gauche is very similar (is that true?), so I have not been pursuing it.

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    Default Re: rose leather musk recommendation please

    It seems there is a big budget then... At this point, you can also bring her smell the Parfums de Rosine range (cheaper than the Diors anyway), with rose in all its possible permutation. I think the more classical and close to Rose de nuit could be Rose d'amour and rose de Rosine; musky rose is Twill rose.

    Re: Rive Gauche versus Calandre, the current Rive Gauche is darker, deeper, woodier. Calandre is simpler and more direct, which could be a good thing. The creamy spicy rose shines more clearly, and the feel is lighter and happier. According to Luca Turin, they were closer when they came out (Calandre was first), but then RG got darker and woodier, and moved away a bit from the original accord. Still, they're both aldehydic, lactonic roses, and more or less occupy a similar spot in a perfume collection. But as always with good perfumes, there's place for both. I also slightly prefer Calandre. Too bad it's so difficult to find.


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    Default Re: rose leather musk recommendation please

    My thought was Rose de Nuit as well... although a daring choice! Have a look at the reviews here, if you care.
    Calandre is another great choice. This notes combination is almost bound to be vintage or vintage-type perfume.

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    Default Re: rose leather musk recommendation please

    This is sold as a men's scent, but it has leather and rose: Rosine's Rose d'Homme.

    Julliette Has A Gun has Citizen Queen, aldehydes and rose with leather.
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    Default Re: rose leather musk recommendation please

    Kilians Rose Oud maybe?

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    Default Re: rose leather musk recommendation please

    Yes Julitte Has A Gun Citizen Queen.

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    Default Re: rose leather musk recommendation please

    I love reading these threads. Now, I lust for Citizen Queen. Sigh. I lust too easy.
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    Default Re: rose leather musk recommendation please

    1889 Moulin Rouge by Histoires de Parfums has rose and musk. Beauty Habit has a 14ml bottle for $36.00. I'm sure there are other places that sell it as well. There's also a 60ml and a 120ml bottle.
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