Fall came to Chicago a little earlier this year and the weather has been great and cool...so I usually have London or TdH. Anyways, I have this Sephora I go to downtown for face stuff and I always make it a habit to go through and test even the the most worn out stuff over and over to make sure I still like/hate. I've really only changed once...TdH. This time they had Spicebomb. The first 2 times I tried it I got Cinnamon Dentyne gum and that was it. So I never thought about it. Yesterday it really developed on me. The whole walk back to my office I got alot more tobacco and vanilla(which I'm assuming is the tonka bean here). I really enjoyed it and got wafts of it all day. So with a sample they made me I'm giving it a full wearing today and it is perfect for this weather. The only issue I'm having with it is that I'm not sure if its that big of a difference from London. In fact I get this weird Dreamer/London combo feel from it sometimes. Overall I find this close to bottleworthy so I'm glad I went and tested again. As for reviews..It doesn't get sweet on me at all like I have read for others.

Side note: YSL L'Homme. Never liked it because it was powdery on me..a no no for me. However the SA was very knowledgeable on men's fragrances and even liked wearing some. She sprayed it on herself and it was less feminine on her than me. In fact it was pretty woodsy. Disappointing that doesn't happen with me.