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    Default Is Bond no 9 no longer selling samples on their website?

    I went on Bond no 9's website today to consider another 6 sample "bon bon lot" purchase and couldn't find anything on the site anymore regarding them selling these. Has anyone else noticed this or know if they've officially stopped selling samples? Or am I missing something completely about where this option is on their site? If so, that would be a shame. It was one of the better deals on sample packs out there IMO.
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    Default Re: Is Bond no 9 no longer selling samples on their website?

    I've only ever gotten samples from them by calling the store up, I could never order off their site.

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    Default Re: Is Bond no 9 no longer selling samples on their website?

    That is correct. I sent them an email the other day asking about that.

    Their response was:

    "At this time we are not selling sample fragrances online. We apologize for the inconvenience. To obtain a sample please visit one of our Bond No. 9 New york Boutiques or at Saks Fifth Avenue."

    That is unfortunate. No reason was given.
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    Default Re: Is Bond no 9 no longer selling samples on their website?

    Had the same issue and received the same email. The Bon Bon boxes are still on the site (click on any full bottle fragrance, it will be under the recommendation tab below the fragrance page), but you can not add it to your cart. What a shame, I really wanted to try a few.

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    Default Re: Is Bond no 9 no longer selling samples on their website?

    I posted a thread awhile back pointing out the huge amount of bon bon's on EBAY in the last month. People selling boxes of 100 bon bon's, mix and match 25, etc. being suspicious, I wondered if they were stolen/misappropriated. They were way cheaper than from Bond, and you could buy 50 and have as much juice as a whole bottle, for about $100...coincidence???
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    Default Re: Is Bond no 9 no longer selling samples on their website?

    Some SAs steal the samples or hoard them behind the counter. I have asked for samples at places like Sephora and am told they don't have any samples. Liars.
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