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    Default Finishing my collection

    I have posted a few different threads over the pastonth or so and I de died just to do it in one. I want to finish my wardrobe off nicely (not wardrobe on this site!). I figured I need at least one from each of these categories. So help out!
    Strawberry(or red fruit) and vanilla gourmand - I've heard numerous ones. But I want a quality fruity sweet gourmand.
    Pineapple/fruit and smokey - Aventus seems like the clear cut answer for this. But any else?
    Creamy soft leather - haven't heard of any of these.
    Non aquatic summer - not a fan of aquatics but still need something lighter.
    Anything else is optional! But all recommendations are recognized

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    Default Re: Finishing my collection

    I like Prada Infusion d'Homme in the summer.
    Current top 10 (No order):

    1. Pure Havane
    2. Menthe Fraiche
    3. Tobacco Vanille
    4. L'Air Du Desert Marocain
    5. Green Irish Tweed
    6. Fahrenheit
    7. Musc Ravageur
    8. Tonka Imperial
    9. Gucci Pour Homme II
    10. Dior Homme Intense

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    Default Re: Finishing my collection

    XS Black for the strawberry fruit scent
    Cuir Ottoman/Invasion Barbare for the soft creamy leather
    TF Portofino Neroli as the non aquatic summer scent

    These would be my picks. But, as always sample first , do a search on TPC or Luckyscent for each category and take your time.

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    Default Re: Finishing my collection

    Creamy soft leather: Tom of Finland (saffrony smooth suede)
    Non aquatic summery. Vetivers: Sycomore, TF Grey Vetiver, Malle Vetiver Extraordinaire, etc.


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    Default Re: Finishing my collection

    Mugler Pure Leather for your creamy, soft, leather scent.

    It's awesome. One of the best fragrance releases for 2012. Check it out

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    Default Re: Finishing my collection

    Vanille Framboise by Les Senteurs might work for the vanilla + strawberry

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    Default Re: Finishing my collection

    Cuir Beluga is pretty darn creamy!
    My current top twenty five
    1. Oud Wood
    2. Herod
    3. Pardon
    4. Santal 33
    5. Tonka Imperial
    6. Pure Malt
    7. Straight to Heaven
    8. L'air Du Desert Marocain
    9. Envy
    10. Terre D'Hermes
    11. Colonia Oud
    12. Jubilation XXV
    13. Royal Oud
    14. Bois d' Argent
    15. Tobacco Vanille
    16. Sycomore
    17. Amber Absolute
    18. 1270
    19. Baroanda
    20. Allure Homme Edition Blanche
    21. Rose 31
    22. Dior Homme Intense
    23. Reflection Man
    24. Grey Vetiver
    25. Noir Extreme
    Currently wearing: Epic Man by Amouage

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