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    Default So I recently turned 30....

    and it wasnt a big deal to me. I remain, however, terrified of 45.

    So other than the aging of a man you dont know, what is the purpose of the thread? Scent, of course: thats why I'm on BN.

    I am going to treat myself to two bottles of anything I want. I already have an extensive collection: I even have a few I really like.

    Oud has intrigued me for a few years now, so that would be OK. I like Geir, Encre Noire, Brit, tommy bahama, mugler cologne, the third man, terre d hermes, gucci envy, GIT, jardin in meditteranee, Eau d orange verte, ADP Colonia Assoluta, Antaeus, Aqua Azurra, Creed Virgin Island Water, Etro Vetiver, and many others. I will not buy something like Le Male, Joop or Pi because they are either slightly too sweet, or over the top.

    So I am open to dirty, woody, Greek, green, citrus, sweet, alien clean, dry, spicy, aquatic and tropical.

    Give this thread your best shot.

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    Default Re: So I recently turned 30....

    Twenty was hard for me. I felt like the world's perception of you changed. If I did something stupid, people would say, "'re 19. You ARE stupid." One day later, "'re 20. You should know better."

    Thirty was fun. I made a weekend out of it. My family came Friday night. My friends came Saturday night for Texas Hold 'Em with change. My church friends came Sunday to watch the Bears/Packers game. It was a blast.

    As to your question: I'm a fan of Tom Ford for Men. It's got some sweet. It's woody. It's spicy. On me, it lasts a good eight hours--strong projection for the first 2-3, then it stays close to me. I like it for formal occasions. I've heard TFFM Extreme is even better, but I haven't tried it yet (a sample should be here Monday or Tuesday).
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    Default Re: So I recently turned 30....

    These youngsters...

    So you were born in 1982? Looking at the BN list of frags from 1982, there's the wonderful dark fougere of Morabito Or Black. And of Drakkar Noir, but probably you've tried that already.


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    Default Re: So I recently turned 30....

    Montale Aoud Musk

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    Default Re: So I recently turned 30....


    Cuir Pleine Fleur by Heeley - One is initially treated to an enchanting, herbaceous melange. Violet leaf with its marked greenness, akin to grass clippings, couples with the bittersweetness of bergamot as well as the sweetly floral and faintly woody aroma of mimosa. An illusion of a hay-stacked pasture is consummated. Transitioning to the heart, a nascent, leathery castoreum blooms, while lovely black locust adds its indolic, orange blossom flavor and hawthorne imparts its slightly honey and almond aspect to the exquisite opening blend. Immersed in the augmented mixture, the resplendent leather takes on a refined, suede-like aura. An undercurrent of aubepine, with its slightly rose-like odor and anise-like facet, as well as the wintergreen of birch carries the luxurious, leather concoction to the waiting base. The sumptuous leather is lifted by the woody birch, which comes into its own, with its somewhat medicinal and spearmint facets marrying with the earthy grassiness of vetiver as well as the pencil shavings of Virginia cedar. An elegant drydown ensues. A majestic scent for all seasons, this polished, masculine composition has average projection and good longevity, 8-10 hours.

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    Default Re: So I recently turned 30....

    I'd recommend among others: Aramis Tuscany, Acca Kappa Cedro, Azzaro pure Cedar, ADP Colonia, TDH Parfum, YSL pour Homme Concentree, Penhaligons Opus 1870

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    Default Re: So I recently turned 30....

    ...For Oudh...
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    Default Re: So I recently turned 30....

    A few Montales: start with Black Musk or Oud Cuir d'Arabie
    PG's Cuir d'Iris
    Nicolai's New York & Pour Homme
    Patchouli 24

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    Default Re: So I recently turned 30....

    Happy Birthday!

    I'd recommend the following:
    Tom Ford Oud Wood - great oud scent. Reminiscent to M7, but IMO, slightly better.
    Tom Ford Noir de Noir - another great oud scent, but the oud is toned down to make its way for rose and hints of chocolate. A dark scent, but worthy of compliments.
    Tom Ford Italian Cypress - smokey cypress scent with hints of mint and woods.
    Terre d'Hermes Parfum - earthy orange scent.
    Creed Original Vetiver - great soapy vetiver scent.
    Chanel Sycomore - great smokey earthy vetiver scent.

    If I had to choose just one from the above, I would go with Noir de Noir.

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    Default Re: So I recently turned 30....

    For the record, 30 is young, and you could do no better than the Cuir Pleine suggested above, which IMHO won't work as well for you in ten years or so. I personally think Cardinal also by Heeley is good too if you like incense. Also, Aqua di Parma and Aramis and its various iterations such as New West and the "might come out someday" special edition Aramis Gentleman would be worth a try as well.
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    Default Re: So I recently turned 30....

    Happy Birthday! Treat yourself and try Houbigant Fougere Royale.

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    Default Re: So I recently turned 30....

    Ha... You should be terrified of 45. The unofficial end of the line for men, especially if single and dating. We'll send you some Pinaud Lilac Vegetal for that birthday

    TF Oud Wood is quite nice. I recently sniffed the New Acqua de Parma Oud entry and thought it was pretty nice as well.
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    Default Re: So I recently turned 30....

    Trust me, you will not be disappointed!!!


    1. Dior Homme Intense
    2. Creed Aventus
    3. Tom Ford Extreme
    4. Gucci Pour Homme II
    5. Terre d'Hermes

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    Default Re: So I recently turned 30....

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    Default Re: So I recently turned 30....

    Diaghilev - Roja Dove

    Quote Originally Posted by cacio View Post
    These youngsters...
    for swap/sale:

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    Default Re: So I recently turned 30....

    Happy birthday! I was your age at some point in my life

    However, I'd agree on digging into the Tom Ford lines. There's plenty to choose and the Private Blends are truly well made. You might want to pick a couple just to treat yourself: my vote for Neroli Portofino for warm weather, since you seem to like citrus fragrances, and maybe Tom Ford for Men or the wonderful Tobacco Vanille for cold weather.

    Enjoy the 30s!
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