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    Default Best Colognes To Swap With For Creed Irish Green Tweed..

    Bought a 75 ML tester via and initially was super excited/hyped in getting my first niche purchase, but then after spraying it for at least a week I was unimpressed by it's overall longevity. Stopped by in Thailand for vacation also about a week ago (Siam one of the department stores) to sample the Creed collection and also was unimpressed by some of there collection (Sampled Santal and it was too weak after a couple hours)
    Really looking for something that projects and lasts more than 6 hours like my A*Men. Preferably all-year round type.

    Thanks in advance guys!

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    Default Re: Best Colognes To Swap With For Creed Irish Green Tweed..

    Attar by Montale

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    Default Re: Best Colognes To Swap With For Creed Irish Green Tweed..

    Silver Mountain Water lasts a while on me. But I haven't had issues with anything not lasting on me.

    How are you spraying it?

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    Default Re: Best Colognes To Swap With For Creed Irish Green Tweed..


    Narciso Rodriguez for Him by Narciso Rodriguez - Welcome to the Twilight Zone !! The paltry, note listing belies the complexity of this fragrance. Initially, one is bombarded with a lovely, sweet and woodsy violet, whose brilliance is amplified by aldehydes, an amazing, wet concrete, a graceful wave of petrichor, that special smell of earth, caressed by raindrops after a dry spell, a flint smell and an intense mustiness from the patchouli. This surreal melange is enshrouded by a wet, foresty lushness, with flittering specks of flavorful licorice. The welcoming heart kidnaps the explosive opening and fosters its taming. Lovely violet leaves, with their inherent freshness, inspire an exquisitely extreme, green aura akin to grass clippings with a shading of cucumber. Versatile patchouli imparts it nutty and earthy facets. Seductive amber, with its deep, somewhat woody and vanillic dimensions, and white musk, with its dirty sweetness add some powderiness to the blend. The robust base overtakes this humbling middle, where the multifaceted patchouli raises its faintly peppery and herbal heads as well as its mulch-like property. Dry cedar, pencil shavings as well as camphoraceous pine supply intriguing woods. And, evocative, animalic musk, where fecal pellets from critters as well as pubic sweat harmonize, contributes to the fantastical drydown. This extremely masculine and unique composition has very good projection, 4-5 hour scent cloud, and longevity, 7-12 hours - easy on the trigger is the catchphrase here. This atypical fragrance is not for the faint of heart.


    Musc Ravageur by Frederic Malle - A blast of freshness hits you with the hay-like sweetness of lavender commingling with the zesty citrus of bergamot. This refreshing opening transitions to its middle with the boatload of cloves, imparting a thick, wet earthiness with a faintly sweet dimension. This raises the dark avenue of travel for this composition. As the cloves percolate, a warm, mellow cinnamon with a hint of a civet musk gather steam, and stew with the hearty cloves. The billowing animalic musk coupled with the extraordinary spices transforms the heart into a rapturous sensuality. Hints of sweetness in the form of vanilla and tonka bean tug at this sexual melange leading it to the captivating base. As the spicy component of the heart fades away, the musk mixes with the tonka bean to give a fleeting chocolate aura drawing it closer to the base. The vanilla and tonka bean envelop the rousing musk and join with a woods backdrop, to wit, balsamic cedarwood, aromatic sandalwood and sweet guiac wood, to give creamy and powdery facets to the mellifluous drydown. This well-blended and complex fragrance has excellent longevity and good projection, after 5-6 hours becoming a skin scent.


    Cuir Pleine Fleur by Heeley - One is initially treated to an enchanting, herbaceous melange. Violet leaf with its marked greenness, akin to grass clippings, couples with the bittersweetness of bergamot as well as the sweetly floral and faintly woody aroma of mimosa. An illusion of a hay-stacked pasture is consummated. Transitioning to the heart, a nascent, leathery castoreum blooms, while lovely black locust adds its indolic, orange blossom flavor and hawthorne imparts its slightly honey and almond aspect to the exquisite opening blend. Immersed in the augmented mixture, the resplendent leather takes on a refined, suede-like aura. An undercurrent of aubepine, with its slightly rose-like odor and anise-like facet, as well as the wintergreen of birch carries the luxurious, leather concoction to the waiting base. The sumptuous leather is lifted by the woody birch, which comes into its own, with its somewhat medicinal and spearmint facets marrying with the earthy grassiness of vetiver as well as the pencil shavings of Virginia cedar. An elegant drydown ensues. A majestic scent for all seasons, this polished, masculine composition has average projection and good longevity, 8-10 hours.
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    Default Re: Best Colognes To Swap With For Creed Irish Green Tweed..

    There isn't a whole lot that projects like A*Men and lasts nearly as long. 6 hours is typical for most frags.

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    Default Re: Best Colognes To Swap With For Creed Irish Green Tweed..

    Any Montale fragrance, any Bond no. 9 fragrance.
    Currently wearing: Viking by Creed

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