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    Default Prada (Amber) or Prada Tendre?

    I have a bottle of Prada perfume in the classic rectangle style. It states "eau de parfum tendre" on the bottom but "Amber" on the silver plate on top. Is this just a light version of Amber or the actual Tendre that has different notes? I'm getting confused smelling it and reading both listed perfumes' notes. I also thought Tendre was a purple/maroon tinted juice and this one is the very light yellow tint. Thoughts?

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    Default Re: Prada (Amber) or Prada Tendre?

    I think Tendre was the less heavy version of Amber. I might be wrong as I always found their packaging very confusing.

    I bought this for my wife when it was first released and it leaked all over a suitcase of clothes and totally ruined them. I bought it again and after two weeks the bottle was empty, not because she over did it but because the stupid atomiser let the perfume disappeared into thin air. Expensive mistake that a lot of people made.

    I did buy it a third time, lesson learned. Great way for Prada to clock up the sales, though.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I tried these yesterday, you got me curious : )

    The Tendre is a lot lighter, slightly greener in the top notes and not as heavy in the base. They both smell very similar. I'd say the Tendre was more of a summer version of Amber.

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