hey guys !
just brought 3 al-rehab cpo's.

silver- havnt ever tried SMW, but its pretty fresh, very synthetic, gets a little berry like sweet eventually.

chocomusk- basically, wafer chocolate biscuit with a really strong vanilla, ends up smelling like sponge cake laced with vanilla essence

delightful- the first thought, strawberries and cream, 15 minutes later, *sniff* this is LIDGE ! ofcourse not exactly, a little more feminine, but definately the same DNA !

now my question was about layering, if anybody has or is planning to please let me no, chocomusk with angel men !
know i no amen has really good projection and longevity so no need to layer, but im just curious and do have a gut feel, it may end up turning more heads than usual !

delightful with LIDGE !

Silver with maybe ADG ?

if anybody has tried layerin please let me know what is the purpose of layering, cuz i dont think i have a very clear idea.

also the shop from where i brought these, had maybe the whole line of Al rehab plus a hundred more other brands, like a stupid douche, i happened to ask him what oud was, and he instantly took out the plastic white cap from a silver bottle and brushed the cap against my shirt sleeve, so i could smell

Cause- O_O Effect- Instant headache, i made it a point to immediately wash it off, i did soo about 5 times with water, then i travelled a bit with my girl back home and hugged her a couple of times.

next day after soaking the shirt overnight, the whole bathroom smelt of it, i met my girl and when i hugged her, i could smell it on her for gods sake !

15 washes later, i sadly cannot find a way of getting that awful smell of my shirt, and its not the oud i get from m7 !
its aggresive, brash and lierally capable of entering noses and causing brain explosions !!

so guys i dont know what it was, but the next time, make it a point these oils ur sampling, DO NOT get on fabric !