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    Default I like Aftelier Amber...what else should I try?

    I am new to perfumes and trying to figure out what I might like... any suggestions?

    I only want 100% natural ingredients. No synthetic fragrance, no parabens.

    Animal ingredients maybe ... I'm OK with cruelty-free animal ingredients that were found fossilized in the forest or washed up on a beach. I don't want any animal ingredients that require killing or capturing animals.

    I tried Aftelier Candide and Amber ... Candide was pretty, simple, happy, fresh, jasmine was pretty, but it didn't feel personal to me at all. I don't know...maybe it'll grow on me. I'll probably use up my sample at least.

    But I really love Amber. I think I love how androgynous it is. At first it smells so male to me... like a warm strong comforting man, a little bit spicy feels very much "me" even though I'm female. Then it softens into something a strong man who is showing his softer side. I really love it!

    Anyway I am open to suggestions for things to try next especially if they are 100% natural! I love sampling perfumes

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    Haha...116 views but no responses? Maybe natural perfumes aren't very popular around here?
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    Default Re: I like Aftelier Amber...what else should I try?

    Try Moon Breath by Ayala Moriel.

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    Default Re: I like Aftelier Amber...what else should I try?

    Nu Green by Honore de Pres

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