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    Default MJ Legend, how many sprays?

    So this fragrance has above average sillage and longevity, but I'm having difficulty pegging a set number of sprays to apply this one because the sprayer is such a complete piece of crap. Generally for a scent of this strength I would go twice, but I find myself spraying three or even four times on this one due to the paltry range and amount.

    Is that way too much regardless? MJ Legend lovers, how often do you spray this one?

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    Default Re: MJ Legend, how many sprays?

    Yes, I agree the sprayer doesn't really spray too much. I usually do two to the neck, and two to each wrist (on the same spot)

    Good fragrance though, good lasting power considering its an EDC.
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    Default Re: MJ Legend, how many sprays?

    None....i dont really care for it.

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    Default Re: MJ Legend, how many sprays?

    The sprayer on this great cheap fragrance is "cheap".

    I usually do two to the chest, two on each side of the neck or behind ears, and one on back of neck. As cheap as this stuff is if you use it all up because of a lot of sprays its only 3 McDonalds meals to buy again.

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    Default Re: MJ Legend, how many sprays?

    As few as possible IMO.

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