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    Default Article: An Incomplete History of Men's Fragrance : A List of Perfumes used at the London Perfume L

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    Default Re: Article: An Incomplete History of Men's Fragrance : A List of Perfumes used at the London Perfu

    Great post and thank you. What does Mandom smell like??

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    A great overview. Thanks for putting this together. There are many here that I need to try!

    I noticed that gourmands seem to be unrepresented - surely A*Men deserves a place here.

    Also, I thought that Jicky was originally marketed as a women's fragrance, and that it became popular with men - not the other way around. I may be wrong about that, as I don't have a source for this.

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    A fantastic night, many thanks.
    Shame Grant couldn't be persuaded to strip off his top and do a Charles Bronson Mandom impression. Maybe next time...

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    Great article on the ascension of male fragrances. Many Thanks!

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    I think Grant needs to take this show on the road.....

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    Interesting Post. Edward VIII wore White Rose? It must be a re-issue from of some sort as the current scent was released in 2002, some thirty years after his death. Frangrantica, however, sets its launch date at 1800.

    I am disappointed with the choices for Napoleon though. Chanel, while a good gateway cologne, is a brash, overly-synthetic cologne more apropos to the tastes of today. I would have gone for one of the classic Guerlain Eaux, Jean Marie Farina Extra Vieille, or ever vintage Farina Kolnisches Wasser.

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    The White Rose obviously doesn't smell like it used to - all the ingredients have changed over time. Right at the back of the Floris shop on Jermyn St. there is a little museum (usually closed to the public) where they keep the leather-bound ledger that used to hold people's orders. There is one entry that says, in copperplate handwriting: 'Prince of Wales', then crossed out 'The King', then crossed out: 'Duke of Windsor'. His orders are written underneath.

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    I'd love to attend one of these events!

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    Surprisingly no mention of Kouros!

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    That was my oversight! We did have it there and we certainly did smell it- it was just a big list and I forgot to put it in. Mea culpa - will put it in now.

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