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    I keep seeing these .84 ounce bottles with after shave boxes and they are at like 10 dollars, Are these legit or should I stay away?

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    I can't imagine Caron PH being faked. It can generally be found quite cheap as is, so with only .84 oz of the frag, I personally wouldn't have too many concerns.

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    Where do you see them? Cpuh (unlike the others) is also sold in 30ml bottles, which look like smaller versions of the regular bottle. In any case, as the others were saying, it's hard to think it gets faked.


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    Quote Originally Posted by fit&frag'd View Post
    I can't imagine Caron PH being faked.
    Nor can I.

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    Sounds like a good price, go for it.

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    Chances are, it might very likely be legit, genuine. Caron PH, though outstanding in terms of quality, sells at ridiculously low prices, so it's an excellent price-quality ratio too.

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    If that is fake then everything is fake! LOL.

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    I'm scared to post the link in case everyone buys one and it gets sold out but here goes anyways

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    Looks legit to me, as it's simply a mini or travel set of the two. No worries about me snatching one up. While I can appreciate that it's a classic, it just didn't work well on my skin.

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