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    Default Anyone Notice Heeley Price Increase?

    Was checking out Heeley Sel Marin and Cuir Pleine Fleur for a possible split. I noticed they went from $150.00 about two weeks ago to $180.00.

    Some of their fragrances on LS website show at the old price of $150, but on MiN website, they are all at $180.00.

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    Default Re: Anyone Notice Heeley Price Increase?

    Thanks for the news. I just checked LS and the prices for Heeley scents is $180.

    I know ELdO went from its naughty $69.00USD to $80, and the price of Histoires de Parfum went from $180 to over $200.
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    Default Re: Anyone Notice Heeley Price Increase?

    As I am interested in Cuir Pleine Fleur I did notice the price increase when I checked. If you decide to do a split please let me know.
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    Default Re: Anyone Notice Heeley Price Increase?

    I imagine that soon they will all reflect the price increase.

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