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    Default Carrier oil?? and other questions :)

    I am wanting to make a perfumed oil. And I am not finding a good recipe online. I know that it will pretty much consist of the carrier oil and the essential oil. Any recommendations on ratios or 'thismany oz of carrier oil to this many oz of EO?

    Also what is recommended for carrier oil with zero scent. (i don't want and carrier oil scent that will affect my essential oil.) and where to buy?

    Also for a body mist, I found several websites that have listed some good recipes. some list polysorbate 30 as an ingredient. and I think I want to use this in my body mist recipe to keep the oils and distilled water mixed. One recipe suggested equal parts of polysorbate 20 to essential oil, then plus a small amount of perfumers oil(i can't remember the exact amount right now) and small amount of liquid glycerin. do these ingredients sound correct for a body mist. What is the purpose of the liquid glycerin. And where can I buy liquid glycerin and polysorbate 20?

    Thank you so much


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    Default Re: Carrier oil?? and other questions :)

    Your questions pertain mostly to cosmeti formulation rather than perfumery. Since I have experience with cosmetic formulation I'll help as I can.

    The odourless carrier oil Is jojoba, a liquid wax with an indefinite shelf life. Fractioned coonut oil ( capric\caprilyc triglyceride) or mineral oil.
    EO's for direct application to the body can be anything from 1-10%.
    In order to mix oil and water you need an emulsifier, the polysorbates are emulsifiers.
    Glycerin is a humectant commonly used in cosmetics, it makes the skin feel moisturised. A body mist of oil, water and glycerin won't feel very nice and will possibly be slick or sticky depending on ratios. Better skin feel with be achieved by adding a silicone. Most commercial body mists are mineral oil and silicone based.

    Your best bet for help with body product formulations and how to do it is the EDS Forum, DIY section. You will also find suppliers of all these products recommended there as well. This site is focused on making perfumes in alcohol like the commercial ones and how to formulate scents.
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    Default Re: Carrier oil?? and other questions :)

    Quote Originally Posted by seasplash View Post
    And where can I buy liquid glycerin and polysorbate 20?
    The best source depends on your location, due to the fact that you use US volume units I assume you are from the US, in that case lotioncrafter would be a possible source:
    Look at solvents and at surfactants.

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