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    Default Re: Mini Pass: The Three Tuberoses of Histoires de Parfums

    Thank you, Lucas! I couldn't pick up the saffron either, I will need to revisit it soon. But our dearest PerfumedLady should have a better picture of Capricieuse in her nose/head .

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    Default Re: Mini Pass: The Three Tuberoses of Histoires de Parfums

    ^Lol, yes, Capricieuse has had a lot of love from me this winter, Whitefluffy! I just happen to be wearing it today!

    No, nothing overtly spicy to me in Capricieuse. I'm really not a fan of any saffron dominant scents I've tried; Safran Troublant is an example of a no-go for me. Cuir de Lancome also claims a saffron note I can't detect but I suspect in both cases, it contributes to the suede accord. Have also wondered if it's the culprit behind the glue-y note in Capricieuse. Whatever the case, I love both of these scents, in spite of a note that usually doesn't work for me. I love it when that happens and Capricieuse is doubly eye-opening for me, what with tuberose and saffron both!
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    Default Re: Mini Pass: The Three Tuberoses of Histoires de Parfums

    Tubereuse 2 Virginale. This one is my least favourite in the trio. A lot of dewy white florals in the opening, very well behaving, smooth and predictable. Then some delicate woody notes appeared but they quickly blended with tuberoses for a simple aroma. After some time I got quite a lot of creamy frangipani, it gave kind of milky feeling with tiare flowers. I also had a tea-like feeling for a short time. Then I got some light citrus mixed with sweet tones. On the whole, I didn't like it much and it's longevity was really short. It didn't even last half the time Capricieuse stayed on my skin

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    Default Re: Mini Pass: The Three Tuberoses of Histoires de Parfums

    I didn't think you'd care for Virginale, Lucas. I'm surprised to hear about your longevity troubles; my skin is overly generous to fragrances in that regard. I do remember it lasted the least amount of time on me but the other two stay on me until washed off. I think I did get a full day from Virginale, still decent. I'm fascinated lately with differences in longevity on various skins; have noticed this a lot in our sampling groups. Had always thought my good longevity luck was due to my skin having plenty of natural moisture but I think your skin does too, am I correct? I'm stumped but it is very interesting to note the differences.
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    Default Re: Mini Pass: The Three Tuberoses of Histoires de Parfums

    Honey, I was surprised by the longevity problem as well. I think my skin is quite well moisturized so I thought it would last as long as Capricieuse lasted the day earlier. Maybe I used too little of the juice? Virginale is the one that is in different vial in this pass the sample set. I will eventually give it one more try with using few more drops and we'll see how long it can stay with me, although I will definitely not change my mind about whether I like it or not.

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    Default Re: Mini Pass: The Three Tuberoses of Histoires de Parfums

    Ha-ha! Oh, I just knew you wouldn't like it! I don't know if wearing more will make a difference; I only used a tiny bit of Virginale myself. And I believe the new Virginale sample did come from the same bottle as our previous one; Whitefluffy, correct me if I'm wrong on that. Really is something isn't it? We have a similar skin type and I think this is the first time you and I have had notably different longevity results. Will be interesting to see if wearing more does indeed work better for you. And I'm so curious to hear your thoughts on Animale!
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    Default Re: Mini Pass: The Three Tuberoses of Histoires de Parfums

    Will report on Virginale 2nd wear and on Animale soon.

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    Default Re: Mini Pass: The Three Tuberoses of Histoires de Parfums

    Oooh, I woke up to some action here this morning! I am not surprised either, Lucas, that you didn't like Virginale, as it seems not only most femme of the three but also less original the Capricieuse and Animale. I do love it though. As for longevity it is strange - I live in a very dry climate and it lasts long day on my skin and two days or more on my clothes. Yes, the vial came from the very same bottle, you are correct PerfumedLady. I agree that you need to give it another try, Lucas, to see if it will last longer. And I was excited to see that you could pick up frangipani and tiare in it, these two are even more prominent to me than tuberose. I learned how these two smell like from the Songes in the Goutal pass which I liked too.

    PerfumedLady as always you are right, these passes are extremely educational to all of us. Lucas's reaction just confirmed to me that I am very partial indeed to frangipani and tiare, I still need to test the tiare sample you sent me.

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    Default Re: Mini Pass: The Three Tuberoses of Histoires de Parfums

    Tubereuse 3 Animale. From the very beginning I get a lot of tobacco but unlike many other tobacco fragrances it's not very dense or smoky. It's sweet, dusted with some ash and it's sparkling with nice spicy tones that come from immortelle. Immortelle also gives me a dry feeling with kind of slightly salty vibe to it. After 10-15 minutes I noticed first tones from tuberose. It's really nice. Quite creamy, velvety, floral in a positive way. White flowers harmonize well with the tobacco opening and the development is smooth. I didn't experience the cituation where a visible border between tobacco and toberose is. It just gently went from one topic to another. After ~1 hour I get woody tones with a sassy plum. Did you also had a feeling that plum is not fresh from the tree but it's smoked or dried? I didn't get kumquat that Fragrantica lists in the notes but I get the grass feeling in the drydown after few hours. Didn't notice neroli at all. Animale didn't give me any longevity issues, it lasted all day.
    I think it's my favourite in Histoires de Parfums Tubereuse Trio, but there's no much distance between it and Capricieuse which comes second for me.

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    Default Re: Mini Pass: The Three Tuberoses of Histoires de Parfums

    So sorry it took me a while to get back with you, Lucas. Thank you so much for your wonderful as always impressions and for taking time out of your stressful school time. I do know exactly how it feels.

    I am not surprised that you liked Animale the best of the three as I know that you like 1740 from the same house. I do admire Animale, but find it difficult to wear; at times I found it suffocating. I wonder if its the immortelle/tobacco combination? But I do love it from the distance.

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    Default Re: Mini Pass: The Three Tuberoses of Histoires de Parfums

    Quote Originally Posted by PerfumedLady View Post
    RHM, your girl is exactly who I thought of when I tried Virginale! She likes them sweeter than I do but I see she does have some wonderful taste, from others you've mentioned her liking.

    iivanita, I wonder if you'll find Capriceuse more complex after more wearings, I know I certainly have. That suede is so prominent, much more so than I initially thought before I bought a bottle. Loved reading about your Animale adventure!

    Just have fun with this, quixoticcynic! As Whitefluffy noted, you need not be an experienced sniffer to add insight and all opinions are valid. And if you'd like to become an excellent sniffer, sampling groups will get you there! I'm really looking forward to your thoughts; I always enjoy fresh noses. Newer sniffers add life to the party if you ask me!

    Hello Whitefluffy and all,

    I wore Tuberose 1 the other day and concluded this is velvety iris:-) , it has no tuberose at all lol, its all about iris note,:-) and goes into powdery in the dry down and reminds me of a lipstick note just like iris can do:-) in Dior homme:-) i think this can make it as unisex too? Why not!

    I would recommend this perfume to iris lovers! Think is very good one

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    Default Re: Mini Pass: The Three Tuberoses of Histoires de Parfums

    Hi, iivanita

    I think you are right and the Capricieuse has least amount of the tuberose than the other two. But these three, in general, have very well behaved tuberose; and as PerfumedLady noted, they are "a great gateway for those who are afraid of the tuberose." I believe PerfumedLady herself can attest to that and now she is boldly going where she hasn't gone before - Carnal Flower and Tubereuse Criminelle!
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    Default Re: Mini Pass: The Three Tuberoses of Histoires de Parfums (USA)

    Quote Originally Posted by perfumedlady View Post

    ...and finally, the one that surprised me the most- and i surprised myself by buying!:
    #1 capricieuse- powdery iris tuberose heaven! What an amazing work of, totally out of character for me to jump so soon but yes, i ordered a bottle! On its way now...These are all so masterful! Unique compositions to be sure, i've never smelled anything quite like them. Never dreamed i'd own a scent called tubereuse anything. These are all just so unbelievably good!

    I KNEW IT. I KNEW IT! As soon as I lifted the cap on this one, I thought, "This is the one that PL fell for.". I've got you pegged, sister. Yes, that elementary school art class tub 'o paste note is saffron, which I regularly throw into my rice cooker, but have never before made the smell connection with kiddie paste. It makes me question why I'm spending so much on the spice, when I might want to try some good old cheap non-toxic Elmer's.

    Such a lovely vegetal iris.

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    Default Re: Mini Pass: The Three Tuberoses of Histoires de Parfums

    Hello, Schilling! Thanks for stopping by. I thought this thread was long dead . I wore Capricieuse yesterday and was thinking how leather, cocoa, and saffron form that weird suede accord. I am not familiar with that glue smell, but I will take you guys word for it.

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    Default Re: Mini Pass: The Three Tuberoses of Histoires de Parfums

    So glad you popped in Schilling, was hoping you would! Didn't get a chance to tell you yet, Whitefluffy but Schilling recently shared with me that she LOVES tuberose! She is not challenged by it at all. So, I of course had to share those that I've discovered on my journey.

    Even though I also love Animale, I did NOT send her that one as I know she would gag on the immortelle. But I did also send a bit of Virginale (don't worry, I still have a nice amount to check out myself this summer!). Already she has told me that she finds it pretty and like me, wants to try it during some real summer heat. I do think it will just shine as a summer scent!

    I am so easily predictable that I must bore you all to death with my perfume picks! Whitefluffy knew Capricieuse was sooo me as soon as she smelled it and so did Schilling, without even knowing which was my pick! Don't look to me for adventure and excitement, I'm afraid!

    Whitefluffy is correct up there, these HdP tuberoses have made me much more tuberose-compliant. Tub. Criminelle is such a silvery and slinky thing, would be just perfect for so many occasions. Think I may need some once I use up my sample. And Carnal Flower-go track it down, Schilling! Swing by Barney's and tell them to douse you in it! Not sure if I will buy this one (would totally be interested in a split of those travel bottles, though!) but it is just damn gorgeous. No other way to describe it.

    This sample pass has been so wonderful for me! I simply cannot stop sampling tuberoses now! The best part is that I've found many more to love-but none that could replace my Capricieuse! It's truly something special to me. Will always need this one, I think. You gals really do know me!
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    Default Re: Mini Pass: The Three Tuberoses of Histoires de Parfums

    PerfumedLady - you are plenty adventurous and exciting! It's just Capricieuse is truly so much you, that Schilling and I picked up on it right way.

    Quick pop in to let you gals know that PalmBeach - seems like very nice guy with plenty of good feedback - is doing split of Carnal Flower: 20 ml for $80 shipped.

    I myself signed up for En Passant and Une Fleur de Cassie.

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