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    Default sizing for fine mist sprayers?


    I want to use the 2 oz. clear glass boston bottle for my cologne. It seems that all the bottle suppliers only sell 20/400 fine mist sprayers in black or white. I want an aqua type color, but I am only finding these colors in size 20/410.

    Does anyone know how these sizings work and most importantly....will a 20/410 fine mist sprayer fit on a bottle that lists using a 20/400 sprayer? If it won't work are there any suggestions where I can find 20/400 fine mist sprayers in an aqua-ish color (other than or dhgate crazy high minimums...I dont need that many.)

    Thanks so much.

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    Default Re: sizing for fine mist sprayers?

    The first digits have to do with the width of the bottle, both 20. The second has to do with the height, 410 caps are higher than 400 caps. So probably a 20/410 sprayer can be turned on a 20/400 bottle, but might be too loose or leak.

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