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Thread: Frankincense

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    There are also some excellent 'sticky' threads in the DIY section of the forum.

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    I sniffed Frankincense and Sweet Birch EO, and it smells like Double Bubble bubblegum to me. Anyone ever noticed this besides me?

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    The fragrance of frankincense is kind of similar to cedar wood, but lighter and more complex.

    Frankincense smells like how incense should smell. It smells a little bit like those scented bags of pine cones around Christmas time, but more clear and not as spicy.

    It has the slightest bit of muskiness to it, a bit dry like sandalwood, slightly aromatic, and there's almost something about it that smells like some sort of floral like orange blossoms. Has orange and lemon aspects to it. The odor is kind of sharp but with exquisite after tones. (when I say "exquisite after tones" I mean maybe sort of like the end notes in the fragrance of cloves, without the hot spiciness) The smell is also resinous (a bit like violin rosin) and very gummy (if you've ever smelled natural plant gum resins).
    There's also something about frankincense that smells balmy on the skin.

    definitely a long-lasting base note

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