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    Default Should I pursue Parure

    I get fixations on perfumes as I extend my knowledge and awareness of vintage treasures.

    Parure is almost universally outrageously expensive. I have never tried it, though I have read many rave reviews. Only one poor soul ever spoke disparagingly about it, stating that the dry down was vile and medicinal

    So, my question is this. Based on my favourite perfumes, should I continue to pursue Parure?

    I am generally a lover of old style traditional French perfumery. My top ten favourites are:

    Vol de Nuit
    Rive Gauche
    Miss Dior
    Chanel No 5
    Le Dix

    Acqua di Parma Profumo
    Amouage Dia
    Amouage Jubilation 25

    Among the purely vintage I love

    Amour Amour
    Crepe de Chine
    Madame Rochas

    Opinions from lovers of Parure are requested.

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    Default Re: Should I pursue Parure

    Well, if you went for Parure Extrait (good luck!), I see Nahema listed among the likes. I feel Parure Extrait is very opulent with a very dark rose heart reminiscent of Nahema or vice-versa . Do you like Mitsouko? Parure is clearly a Guerlain chypre, even more so in the EdT (less opulent, less rose) to my own perception. I get the leathery facet often mentioned best in the really old EdT (from the black-white zig zag box era). Mind you, the EdT bee bottles (the last incarnation before its discontinuation) is said to be inferior in quality, but I can't comment myself.

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    Default Re: Should I pursue Parure

    I don't think I'm so ambitious as to seek extrait. However, I'm intrigued by the other formulations, and given some restraint, will probably be able to afford an EDT or other cheaper version.

    I've never fallen for Mitsouko, but have also never tried the vintage extrait, which I think is the benchmark for lovers of this treasure. I've just bought a vintage mini and perhaps that will give me a better impression of why this perfume is so widely loved.

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    Default Re: Should I pursue Parure

    I love Parure, and my vintage bottle would be one of the frags I grab if my house burns down. If you love oakmoss you will love Parure.

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    Default Re: Should I pursue Parure

    Vintage Parure is beautiful. I found it a little sweeter and more traditionally "feminine" than Mitsouko (from memory: more florals, less earth, prune instead of peach), but still a classically styled chypre. You might like it even if you don't like Mitsouko.

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    Default Re: Should I pursue Parure

    Judging from both your lists, I don't see any reason that you would have a negative reaction to Parure. You have all the background to prepare you for a fragrance of its class, plus your current preferences lean towards liking it. I wore Parure for a long time, until it became harder and harder to acquire. Had it in edt, edp and the original "wave-top" extrait bottle. It is a serious scent but not as sombre as Mitsouko. There is a "gold-dusted" quality about Parure - words like glowing, shimmering, and burnished will come to mind when you wear it.

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    Default Re: Should I pursue Parure

    Jardanel, those words you use to describe it make it all the more desirable. It would seem that loving Mitsouko is not a prerequisite for loving Parure, which is reassuring. I did find that although I liked Mitsouko initially, I just never felt it was quite a perfume that I could wear day to day. Apart from the little shiver of wonder that I felt wearing it, knowing that Ingrid Bergman, Jean Harlow and Charles Chaplin all used it, it didn't speak to me on a personal level.

    Having said that I smile at myself a little. I have what is perhaps the ultimate 'old lady' perfume, Amour Amour by Patou and I shamelessly wear it in public. It challenges me from time to time and I have a love/hate relationship with it, much as I had with Mitsouko, Apres l'Ondee and Chamade (to which I am anosmic). It's ironical that I was given a sublime bottle of vintage Chamade extrait and just get enough of a sense, now and again, that this is a beautiful perfume. I only wish I could discern all that it has to offer.

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    Default Re: Should I pursue Parure

    In a word, yes. Good luck in your search. Know that you will be the best smelling girl in any given room!

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    Default Re: Should I pursue Parure

    Much to my delight I was the sole bidder on a micro mini parfum of this treasure. So once it arrives, I shall be able to sample the delights and see just how high on my wish list this one becomes.

    I've had a number of micro minis before and although we're only talking a couple of mls, it's enough to get a real 'taste' of the perfume.

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    Default Re: Should I pursue Parure

    Jolly good, LiliB! Let us know if a "taste" is enough, or if a craving for more is set in motion.

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