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    Default Luminaries

    Figured it would be nice to share these things with fellow basenoters who may not know about them. As some may or may not know, luminaries are basically candles in bags that give off a nice glow effect, especially common during this time of year in the States for Halloween. The light these things give off is dimmed which is perfect for establishing intimate settings in your bedroom.

    The danger of course being a horrible death by fire caused by falling asleep after sexy time with your significant other and the luminary catching on fire.

    With that said, I introduce my own personal favorite environmental scent/mood setter that I have found Febreze Flameless Luminaries

    These little gadgets came out not too long ago and the line itself has been discontinued, however certain website still see the luminaries and shades for a fairly cheap price.

    The scents aren't all that great, in fact most of them are pretty horrific, as noted here :

    However, the flickering candle effect these little babies give off make any room at night perfect for sexy time as a few of these things can give off real candle luminary effects without fear of potentially burning down your room

    Some things I have learned with using these things are :

    1. The scents are for the most part pretty terrible, however pick the shade color/design you like the most as the scent of them fades within a few days from overpowering to non-existent. Why do I say pick the shade/color you like the most? Because you can spritz these with some cheap colognes or perfumes and they will hold the scent for a while due to the paper mache-like material these things are made of. With the shades, I tended to leave them in our garage or backyard for a few days to kill off the nasty scent, an additional week or two of resting before lightly spritzing with a nice smelling cheap cologne or perfume. I don't mix the scents I spray these with, so fair warning before anyone tries spraying it with Brut followed by Kouros,

    2. You need multiple of these to light most rooms. I have a fair sized room at 15x20 feet and it takes 4 luminaries to get the desired effect of casting candle light on the walls in darkness. Mileage may vary of course, but I prefer just enough light to see the person I'm with, if you know what I mean.

    3. Buy rechargeable AA batteries. These things go thru batteries pretty quickly even with the built in 4 hour auto turnoff. It can help to invest in rechargeables if you plan to use these fairly often.

    4. These aren't only just useful for sexy time, haha. My girlfriend likes to put them in the bathroom when taking a bath and listening to some relaxing music. We've even used a few of them as nightlights for my niece when my brother has asked us to babysit. They are pretty versatile.

    5. These give off NO HEAT. I felt I had to emphasize this point because if anyone knows what happens when you light multiple candles in a smallish room to set an intimate mood for your significant other and than finds out that the temperature is unbearable and sexy time killing, its this guy.

    6. Finally, these are a relatively cheap and SAFE alternative to natural luminaries. If environmental settings are important to you and/or your significant other, they may interest you. I'm not saying every man or women will love the intimate setting these things provide, but if it does, than these are your best bet.

    Hope some people find this useful.

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    Default Re: Luminaries

    Interesting. Thanks for this.

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