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    Question The original Eternity (for women) - is there anything close to it?

    Hello all,

    I've been reading this group for a few days and am humbly impressed. This is my first post here. I am not a professional, or perfume connoisseur, just an amateur hobbyist.

    My favorite scent of all time, was the original Calvin Klein's original Eternity (for women), as it was, back in 1987. I recently had a whiff of some recent incarnation of Eternity and was disappointed that it bore little resemblance to the original stuff.

    Is there anything close to it, in terms of similarity of fragrance, on the market today?

    I've been experimenting with essential oils (and a few synthetics) trying to emulate it but so far I haven't got very close. Does anyone by any chance have a recipe for a vaguely similar fragrance that can be put together using essential oils?

    Failing that, can anyone provide a suggested analysis of the original fragrance, in terms of its notes and what individual scents can be detected within that fragrance? What are the key notes that made the original 1980s Eternity what it was? I can still remember it very clearly, but am having difficulty likening its various notes to specific essential oils. I think there was clearly some fruit in there somewhere, but what was it? I guess I don't have the necessary skills to figure it out.

    Thanks for a great group!

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    Default Re: The original Eternity (for women) - is there anything close to it?

    I would say fresh female sweat with some deodorant gets quite close...

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    Default Re: The original Eternity (for women) - is there anything close to it?

    Welcome to basenotes, Ally!

    l don't recall smelling anything that resembles Eternity. And although l'm no expert on creating fragrances, l doubt it would be easy to recreate it with essential oils, as it probably contained a LOT of synthetics. Perhaps it might be worth asking this question in the "Fragrance DIY" forum here on basenotes? Good luck!
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