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    Default Confused by Hugh Parsons offerings

    Hi everyone,
    New here.
    I have a question regarding Hugh Parsons offerings. I see 5 offerings on Amazon:
    Traditional (blue) ; 99 Regent Street; Oxford Street; Kings Road; Piccadily Circus

    There is also 5 HP in the directory but some with other names:
    Blue; 99 Regent Street, Oxford Street; but also Yellow and Old England.

    I am interested to sample Blue and Yellow. But is Yellow the same as Piccadilly or Kings Road? Would anyone know how to get samples?
    Also any information about the longevity of these HP would be welcome.

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    Default Re: Confused by Hugh Parsons offerings

    Not sure where to get samples. I have blue & I'd say the longevity is decent for an aquatic.
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    Default Re: Confused by Hugh Parsons offerings

    Yellow is not the same as Kings Road. I just ordered both Kings Road and Oxford St. on Amazon. Kings Rd. is a much more recent offering. Yellow is in the same vein as Acqua di Parma. Blue is a fantastic fragrance as is 99 Regent St.
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