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    Default Found love in an unusual place!

    I have been on quite the fragrance fix of late, devoting lots of time into my hobby and snatching up bottles to build up for testing and eventually (soon) cull down to some favorites.

    Thinking about a few of the compliments that I had given about a fragrance on another man (a rare occasion that I smell a good fragrance on antherpson), I realize that two of the recent ones were for the same fragrance. Not something niche or particularly special but none other than Givenchy Play!

    Yes I know, the much loathed Play (regular). I decided to give this a go on my skin, and my word, it smells fantastic - a nice amount of sillage and a medium amount of longevity however the combination of the Coffee notes with the citrus make an alluring combination.

    Secondly was a fragrance which I "wrote off", but came to after reading some threads about Platinum Egoiste etc. A commonly used fragrance of the youth of many Americans (for some reason wasn't as popular in Canada)

    Sure enough...

    Liz Claiborne Curve

    I guess moral of this lesson is to let your nose guide you. Funny enough, I liked both of these better than the Jubilation XXV and other high end Niche Fragrances I have been experimenting lately.

    Sad thing about Curve for me personally is that the longevity and sillage is a bit weak - supposedly this was an issue only with the newer bottles... anyone have "vintage curve"??
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    Default Re: Found love in an unusual place!

    Although maligned by many, I also think Play is quite nice.

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    Default Re: Found love in an unusual place!

    I have tried liking Play for some time now. It just doesn't smell good on my skin. It does smell fine on paper though.

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    Default Re: Found love in an unusual place!

    I agree; Givenchy Play is a fine, well-balanced fragrance.

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    Default Re: Found love in an unusual place!

    Will definitely have to retry, retest this one.

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    Default Re: Found love in an unusual place!

    You've "discovered" that Play and Curve are better than lots of high end niche stuff in the positive comments department?

    If been writing that sort of thing here for the last 7 years. I'm still waiting for a positive comment on any of my not inconsiderable niche collection.

    Liz Clairborne has a knack for making scents that are much liked by women on men, but abhorred by the high end aficianados around here. Less so for Givenchy (though nearly everyone hated Insense Ultramarine - which never gets a mention in discussion of marine/oceanic scents).

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    Default Re: Found love in an unusual place!

    I kid you not!!!! when I wear Givenchy play always atleast get one compliment........Love that stuff

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    Default Re: Found love in an unusual place!

    Curve is the ultimate compliment getter. It's pretty much guaranteed that I will receive compliments when I wear it.
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    Default Re: Found love in an unusual place!

    Not long ago I test sprayed some Curve on the back of my hand at a store. I went to the gym shortly afterwards and kept getting whiffs of it. Starting getting self-conscious, because it smelled very much (to me, anyway) like I had lady's perfume on. I got it off as quick as I could.
    When I look at the reviews here, I don't see anyone else who thinks it is at all feminine or unisex. Almost makes me wonder if the tester was a bad batch, or it was actually women's Curve stuck in the men's cologne area. I didn't scrutinize the bottle that carefully, but it *did* say Curve.
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    Default Re: Found love in an unusual place!

    As a big fan of Play Intense, I'm curious to try the regular EDT. I even liked the new Sport flanker.

    I enjoy Givenchy and respect the fact that they have such a diverse line of fragrances, from Monsieur and Xeryus to Vetyver to Pi Neo Tropical Paradise and Very Irresistible Fresh Attitude. There's something for everybody, and more often than not, they're fairly well done.

    As for Curve, I haven't worn it in years, but when I used to wear it in high school, the girls loved it.

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    Default Re: Found love in an unusual place!

    Love comes from unexpected places.

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    Default Re: Found love in an unusual place!

    Play isn't bad but the drydown disappoints me.
    I love the Intense flanker.

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