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    Default Agarscents Bazaar

    Has anybody tried Agarscents Bazaar's:-
    1. Agar Musk Black Attar with Cambodian Agarwood $39 3ml
    2. Agar Musk (Deer) Black with Cambodi Oudh $95 3ml

    The descriptions on both items are almost identical, even on the main body of the text, never mind the titles. The difference seems to be the packaging. The more expensive one comes with a velvet silk lined case! I'm on a real musk buzz at the moment, but don't want to throw my hard earned cash on a doozie! I have purchased some of the Ajmal AA Musk Ghazelle and I know this is probably the benchmark scent, but like everyone else here, I will keep on testing and testing and testing!

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    Here is the weblink:-

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    Hey Bitter,

    Shariffs products are excellent. One of the best sources of Ouds, Musks and Ambergris. He is a little over priced but he carries stuff that cannot be found easily. I have not smelled both of these but I do own his Dehn Black Musk which these two are based on. I would suspect that the attar is dilluted and the later has a higher quality Oud. I have sampled or own many of his products and if you have any questions please let me know and I owuld be happy to suggest something. If you really want a beautiful musk scent then try the Dehn Misk Maliki Supreme. I own this and use it sparingly cause it is fantastic. The AA Ajmmal Musk Ghazelle is very very similer to his Indian Red Musk.

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    Thanks, abubakr_al-misky, just the information I was looking for. I have ordered a bottle of the cheaper musk to try. I will let you know how I get on with it.

    Also, I found a UK ebay seller, Muskamber, who has a Malaysian Green Oud for 20 and a Deer Musk for 7.50,low prices I know because of the pricing details I have learnt here on Basenotes( I have also read the complete thread on the Oud social group and based on the excellent information found there I am assuming of course that these are blends). I suspect from my own research over the past couple of days that Muskamber is a reseller/packager for Al Haramain oils, while Agarscents Bazaar does the same with Arabian Oud. The feeling I am getting is that Arabian Oud is on a par with Ajmal in terms of quality, while Al Haramain is a little below.
    I will be making a trip to London over the summer and intend to do as much sampling as I possibly can toincrease my knowledge base. I realise that the next logical step after this is to begin exploring pure oud oils, but I also realise that this can be extremely hard on the bank balance so I intend to stay with the musks for a while before moving into mukhallats and then oud. That appears to be a natural progression. I think I will also purchase some musk grains from QT and have a bash at making my own musk/ambergris maceration. From my own research I read that Arabic teapots sometimes had a little depression in the lid in which to place a smear of ambergris to scent the tea. Tea and coffee of course are another of my great passions and pleasures and pricing while not reaching oud heights still can be pretty steep. I have a small quantity of a fine Japanese Gyokura leaf tea that was pretty damn expensive.I am already imagining the aroma and taste combine with ambergris! Anyway, thanks for replying, you seem to be the man with the knowledge around here, it has been a pleasure reading your posts .


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    Default Re: Agarscents Bazaar

    Agarscents is an Arabian Oud reseller but only for a few products. If they are from Arabian Oud, he makes it very clear that they are, otherwise, they are his exclusive products.
    As usual, I agree with abubakr above, he has tremendous amount of experience and a great nose when it comes to these scents. Agarscents is a great source but don't forget abubakr himself. A lot of things can be obtained from him and he's got great service. No affiliation here, just a satisfied customer.

    If you are going to London, do stop in at Arabian Oud, they have a branch in London. :-)
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    hi Al Haramain is not that popular and prices are relatively cheaper compared to Ajaml ASAQ and Arabian Oud which is where you would go to buy Aouds out here in KSA especially if buying them for a gift for someone. Oud Elite is also very good I dont know how popular it is outside of KSA.Dont get me started with fresh Arabic coffee and dates which is another passion of mine you would need another website for that believe me!

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    Any suggestions on what scents to try from Agarscents Bazaar's at a GOOD PRICE. i prefer something with oud , agerwood or aloeswood.

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    Default Re: Agarscents Bazaar

    cmax, "good price" is subjective. :-) I hear what you are saying though.
    Most of the things with agarwood are more expensive. The Kalimantan agarwood oil is decently priceed at $95 for 3ml and it has a good reputation. It's not going to be too off putting like a strong Hindi or Cambodian and you won't have difficulty wearing it in public.
    The Khalta Ateeq is a Rose, Oud mixture with a little bit of musk and it's really pleasant and lasting and has a healthy dose of oud.
    The Rose Ispahan priced at $25 is an excellent rose fragrance. It's very simple with rose, minimal oud and a vanillic aspect. It's fresh and wearable for a man or a woman but it does not smell too feminine, especially if you like Rose.
    The attars mixed with his Black Musk are nice too and some contain oud and are priced within the stratosphere. :-)

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    HHMMM Green Cardamom Coffee with Dates, yummy.

    cmax it is hard ti find something that has Oud and smells realy good and is a 'Good Price'. Price is something you dont want to skimp on when purchasing Oud products. I have heard Agarscents AGAR MUSK (DEER) BLACK w/ CAMBODI here:

    is pretty good though I have not sampled it yet. Another good one with Oud is this one:

    Bitter, there is a shop for both Abdul Samad and Arabian Oud in London.

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    the prices in UK are 30% higher in ASAQ and can be as much as 45% higher I know that for sure as I enquired last week about kalakassi and Thaqueel for a BNoter and i know from personal experience 50% in AO so i wouldnt buy from there if you do like any thing drop me a line and ill get you some at domestic prices.

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    Well, since I have only recently discovered the joys of EBay and web-shopping, I have been spending hand over fist. I have found someone in Canada from whom I have bought a Black Musk (purportedly real) blended with Dehn al Oud from al-Haramain, an Ajmal Bakhour Khaas oil and a box of Oud Mukhabar Cambodi,also al-Haramain. From Agarscents Bazaar, a Agar Musk Black Attar with Cambodian Agarwood, and finally from Muskamber, an EBay seller in England, a Deer Musk (Kasturi) blend, a piece of white ambergris and a Malaysian Green Oud oil.

    I am coming into my end of year exams at college and this splurge of buying, brought on by a recent purchase of a laptop and the discovery of Abr al_Misky's AA Musk Ghazelle, is a welcome relief from the study time which, too be honest I am finding difficult (my 47 year old brain isn't as equipped for memory tasks as those of the twenty year olds that make up the bulk of my year). The Musk Ghazelle went down a treat today in college,loads of compliments and questions! It was quite warm here today 18 degrees,which for Ireland in April is approaching miraculous, and the slight heat really brings up the musk! I had 3 dabs and a couple of sprays of Cuiron, heavenly! The only negative comment was from my daughter this morning, who smelled the bottle after seeing it out on my dresser. She is 13 and a proto-Goth in the making. Her comment was....."Smells like death, Dad, what are you putting that on for?" I told her to wait a while,good things take time!, and sure enough an hour later she agreed with me. I really cannot say how much this particular scent has affected me. Wonderful stuff!

    As an aside are my choices listed above reasonable? None was over $50 dollars, in fact the Kasturi was only 7.50.Also, has anybody tried the Ajmal Bakhour Khaas?

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    Default Re: Agarscents Bazaar


    After hearing your stories about AA Musk Ghazelle, I cannot wait to get mine should be here anyday now. i still have 2/3 of my original musk ghazelle from the first version but been savoring since i know I cannot get it anymore. But I am really curious what this new version is like

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    Bitter-orange please post your thoughts on the oils and ambergris once you recieve them, I've been thinking of buying some ambergris from muskamber myself and making a blend

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    Will do. I have some genuine sandalwood oil i was given about 15 years ago. I was thinking of taking the ambergris and grating it with one of those microplane parmesan graters. These are great by the way, pun intended, they produce showers of fluffy parmesan when used. I will leave this blend for a month or two and see if anything changes in the scent of the oil. I think there may be a problem dissolving the ambergris according to posts i have read but i can always use a water bath. If that works I will take part of the newer mixture and and some musk grains. I then hope to have four homemade reference points for further oil exploration. Of course this will probably be a disaster, perfumery isn't called an art for no reason but I have always been interested in scent and its always good to have one or two wee projects on the go! Muskamber seems to be a nice guy to deal with, he has already quizzed me about the lack of postcodes in Ireland. I must also say that everyone that I have dealt with, including Abubakr al Misky, have been extremely helpful and kind and generous of their time. Sorry if I have rambled a bit, study-delerium!!

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    I was thinking about mixing 1 gram ambergris with 2 grams sandalwood oil using the method outlined in this thread
    I have some really nice creamy sandalwood that i bought from AbuBakr al Misky, been wondering wether i should do it or not, if it turns out to be a disaster it'll be a waste of some perfectly good sandalwood oil.

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    I would suggest one thing regarding this sandalwood issue. There are a couple of isues here: first the is the quality of the Ambergris and Sandalwood. If the Sandalwood is of good quality, which is very hard to come buy, I would think as Ahmed mentioned that it may be a waist of perfectly good sandalwood. Also if it very high quality ambergris then its fargrance is so subtle and perfect then blending it with sandalwood would seem to be a waist given that the actual scent of the ambergris would be lost by the over whelming notes of the sandalwood. If the quality of the ambergris is of a lower quality then one should remember that it is better used as a perfume ingrediant due to its ability to make other scents a lasting and not as a single note to be worn as it's self , for instance's ambergris/sandalwood which he mentions is not for wearing alone. I have smelled many ambergris tinctures or sandalwood infusions or other scentless oil infusions and due to this I would personally recomend if the ambergris is of higher quality to make a alcohol tincture or a scentless oil infusion with something like fractionated coconut oil. This way any scent of the ambergris will not be lost. Every single sandalwood/ambergris infusion I have smelled from Oriscent's to Dubrana's ( to home made versions always have the same thing in common and that is all you really smell is the sandalwood and the subtleties of the ambergris scent wise are lost. Just a suggestion or at least something to keep in mind.

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    Thanks for your comments. A rethink may be in order! It is something I had kept and to be honest had forgotten about, until I came across it in the back of my wardrobe. I'll have to curb my enthusiasm!

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    Default Re: Agarscents Bazaar

    Check out Abubakr-al Misky's posts. He has a real knowledge of perfume oils and oud in particular, and he is extremely modest about his grasp of all aspects of this area. You will learn a lot. Just follow the threads and you will get a good idea of who are the best suppliers, their strengths and weaknesses, and finally be prepared for the spending frenzy that will no doubt descend on you after a week or so of research. Happy hunting!!
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    Well, I have tried the "Black Musk," but not in combination with agarwood. I would think twice about the combination. The "Black Musk" is very strong and sweet and, to my mind, cloying. It is very persistent. The only thing I like about it is the dry-down (which doesn't become apparent for about 24 hours) which smells vaguely like skin. I don't know what's in the black musk. Obviously something very persistent, but unlike the other more expensive, and completely natural, red musk and brown musk and Napalese musk that he sells. If you can spring for it, I would go with these. If you want it mixed with oud, do it yourself.

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