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    Default Rive Gauche pure parfum

    I'm on a campaign to get pure parfum versions of all my favourite perfumes. This one was especially pleasing, being in mint condition, still sealed with the foil top and with the plastic removable stopper in pristine condition. The perfume is surprisingly gentle and very round. It's not as overtly floral as the vintage splash EDT that I have. It's greener and richer.

    I've worn Rive Gauche since the 70s and am a true lover of this perfume. If, like me, you adore the vintage, I recommend searching out a good example of the parfum. It's not as common as many others, but it completes the experience for me.

    A friend bought me a tiny parfum of Ma Griffe for my birthday in the 70s and its beauty has haunted me for forty years. I have resisted buying vintage PDT and other formulations. A couple of days ago I found a sealed 30ml vintage parfum which I bought. I am looking forward to this with great anticipation, wondering if it will stand up to the memory I hold so dearly.

    I now have pure parfum versions of - Nahema, Vol de Nuit, vintage Chanel 5, vintage Miss Dior, Chamade, Ma Griffe and Le Dix. I now only want to add a top notch Arpege and a Joy. The Joy will be a challenge, the parfum being extremely expensive and much sought after. It just doesn't come as a bargain, so I'll have to be patient there.

    There are occasional attractions to L'Heue Bleue and Mitsouko in vintage form, but so far I have resisted. I have a couple of vintage minis coming, so I'll soon see if these are things I really want.

    So Lucky Lili has been spending up big. It's always nice to await those parcels, usually from overseas, holding their delightful, new experiences - kind of like my birthday and Christmas rolled up in one

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    Default Re: Rive Gauche pure parfum

    Ooh, vintage Rive Gauche parfum must be really wonderful. Envious... (I do have Calandre parfum, though - the usual Calandre Rive Gauche battle).

    I agree that finding vintage parfums is quite a treat, and when I can, I jump for it. But it's so expensive! Some of the BNers here seem to bump into vintage parfums in local antique markets all the times, but I have not been so lucky (with a couple of sensational exceptions, though)

    On ebay, the Guerlains are simply out of budget, the Chanels often too. Ditto for the Diors, when found. I only managed to get a Mitsouko 7.5ml for less than $100 simply because it was in Japan, and I guess the usual collectors were wary.

    Joy is usually expensive, but sometimes one can find a smaller thing, like the 7.5ml black bottle, for reasonable prices. One has to keep checking from time to time, and wait for the lucky time when other people are not around. I actually also have Arpege, which I like a lot but somehow it doesn't make me dream. Perhaps it's just that the style is not as unusual in modern times (unlike, say, Joy or Diorissimo). Also, I cut my finger when clumsily trying to open the bottle.

    I should also put a good word here for Tabu. This one seems to pop up now and then and is cheap. But equally sensational.


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    Default Re: Rive Gauche pure parfum

    Hi Cacio

    I'm realistic enough to accept that rare and much-loved vintage pure perfumes are going to be expensive. I remember as a young wife my husband bought me a mini Chanel 5 parfum (probably the and paid a great deal for it. So, good things have always been expensive. He was shocked that such a tiny amount of perfume could be so expensive, even back then in the 70s.

    We have the adage, 'You get what you pay for', in Australia, and it appears to hold true for vintage parfum. The more one is able to pay, the better the quality of product one is likely to get. I currently have nearly $800 invested in Le Dix parfum alone, and that reflects its desirability, the quality of my examples and the rarity. My latest acquisition was so rare that I have not even found reference to it anywhere on the net.

    I don't baulk at paying a high price for something wonderful, however, quality examples of Joy are extremely rare. I want nothing less than pristine examples and they don't come cheap. It's only recently that I discovered that the only real Joy is the parfum, that's the only one that was the fabled 'most expensive perfume in the world'. I have experienced a few drops of the parfum in a small, almost empty 7.5ml bottle a friend gave me and it is sheer heaven. Nothing at all like the EDP or EDT. The stopper was firmly stuck and had been levered with some sharp object, messing up the plastic thread. Fortunately my husband carefully coaxed it loose, with some judicious gentle tapping, and I was able to enjoy the last few drops.

    So the search for the last couple of pieces of my parfum wish list will go on. I am considering contacting some people who do buying to see if they will keep an eye out for me. They attend estate sales where such gems often come from. I'm prepared to be patient as well as prepared to pay a fair price for a quality product.

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    Default Re: Rive Gauche pure parfum

    I do have vintage Arpège, including a photo essay of it being opened. It is like, not love for me, too, cacio.

    I must say, I prefer EdP concentrations because I like the play of all those fleeting volatile notes at the start. Case in point: Panthère de Cartier. Both the EdP and the extrait disappointed me; they lacked the sparkling opening of the EdT. Inasmuch as all three had a similar drydown, I felt as if the EdT gave me the overture as well as the opera. It's not solely about the prima donna after all—or is it? (;

    LiliB, enjoy your luxe pursuit, and keep us mere mortals abreast!
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    Default Re: Rive Gauche pure parfum

    You are right that parfums are expensive even when new. But I am always hesitant to drop too much money on ebay because one cannot be sure of the quality. If one knew they are in top condition, good, but otherwise ...

    Anyhow, re: Joy, here is the pic of my best antique store haul ever, in Chicago:

    Each of the Joys was the grand sum of $25. I have opened the clear bottle (still sealed, though part of the perfume had evaporated), and it's in pristine condition. A green rosy blast, slowly followed by a beautiful jasmine, and supported by a boatload of civet. However, I would not be so negative on vintage edp or edt. It is not as vivid as the parfum, but it's fantastic too. It is expensive too, though.

    Talking about vividness, the small vial is indeed Diorissimo parfum. Perhaps even more stunning and vivid than Joy.


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    Default Re: Rive Gauche pure parfum

    You're right about the relative scarcity of Rive Gauche in extrait. Even as far back as the 1970's it wasn't easy to find, in the U.S. anyway. Haven't smelled it in a long while, but I do remember that it's one of those parfums that are not just an easy step up in concentration. It's Rive Gauche all right, but not just stronger. Imagine Rive Gauche reflected into infinity down a long hall of mirrors...... now you have an idea. Enjoy, enjoy.

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