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    Default Agarscents Ambergris

    Has anybody had experience with Agarscents ambergris? They sell a number of different varieties, including Indian Ocean Ambergris and White Ambergris. Both of these are very tenacious, have a deep and lasting balsamic note almost like vanilla and add enormous complexity to anything I add them to. They are actually quite wonderful. The only problem is that they smell like no ambergris I've ever encountered. My own ambergris tinctures have very little smell (and they're close to a year old). I would kill to have them develop the kinds of aromas that Agarscents has. Does anyone have any insight into this? Is the Agarscents stuff the real thing--I suspect it is because of the tenacity and dry-down--or a facsimile of some sort?

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    Default Re: Agarscents Ambergris

    I'm no ambergris expert, but i know ambroxan and cetalox quite well. I was given some sample vials - one being of "white" ambergris oil from Agarscents after ordering some musks and forgot about that vial. Found it a few months ago (after a couple years storage) and the liquid had evaporated leaving behind the familiar white crystals (and smell) of ambroxan - unmistakable. Even compared it to my own bottle of ambroxan - exactly the same.

    Left me feeling a bit suspicious about the quality and prices.
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    Default Re: Agarscents Ambergris

    Forgive me for bumping an old thread.
    I was wondering (and hoping) if anyone has any more information on their ambergris.

    I own a bottle of their white ambergris and love it.
    I would be very disappointed to find out it's only ambroxen.
    I own EM's Escentric 02 and while I smell similarities to the ambergris oil, the oil is much more complex, almost like a 3D version of 02.

    I also own a bottle of Oriscent's ambergris. I have no doubts (I trust Oriscent) about the authenticity of this oil.
    But this oil has a much stronger oceanic smell. It's even slightly animalic in a musky way. The Oriscent is ambergris infused in sandalwood oil, so I'm guessing that must alter the overall scent. You can faintly smell the sandalwood. It's somewhat stronger when you first apply it though.

    I appreciate any and all responses.
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