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    Default exfoliation daily

    Hi guys

    I just started using "Fiama Di Wills Men Aqua Pulse Face Wash". to remove dead skin cells.

    Skin type : oily

    Can we use it daily?

    Can u suggest other than Fiama Di Wills ?

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    Default Re: exfoliation daily

    I am not familiar with this particular product. If it's a face wash, it will probably be mild. Otherwise, daily exfoliation is too much for the skin. Besides, since your skin is oily, you run the risk that the skin will start overproducing oils to compensate. Exfoliations are usually thought of as weekly procedures. I use Dermalogica gentle exfoliating cream twice a month (but I have dry skin).

    If you need exfoliation because you tend to have ingrown hair in your beard, then perhaps you should use specific products for the beard area (like Anthony ingrown hair treatment).


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    Default Re: exfoliation daily

    What does the box say?
    As Cacio says, most exfoliating products are supposed to be no more than 8 times a month. Ideally 4 times a month.

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    Default Re: exfoliation daily

    I think it depends on how much salicylic acid it contains. I.e. a cleanser/mask should be used twice a week max while an apricot scrub with less acid and more moisturizing properties can be used 3-4 times a week. And products like Everyman Jack's preshave exfoliant is gentle enough for everyday use. It just depends on the product...

    After looking up the product and considering your skin type, I don't think you need an exfoliant every day. I find every other day to help with shaving is plenty, partly because I have oily skin as well. If you are an older gentleman a few mens mags will recommend daily exfoliation followed by moisturizers. The process is to make you lok younger
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    Default Re: exfoliation daily

    Not quite an exfoliant, yet an exfoliating product that may be used every day is, in my opinion, the purifying neutral face wash by Eucerin for Men, also very suitable for oily skin.

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    Default Re: exfoliation daily

    Yeah, exfoliate only once a week and if there's any grit in the exfoliant, don't press hard. Or do press hard and learn a valuable lesson the hard way.

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    Default Re: exfoliation daily

    I think of greater importance is to make sure that you thoroughly wash your face, preferably using a non-alcoholic or non drying facial cleanser, every night before you retire.

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    Default Re: exfoliation daily

    Quote Originally Posted by arjuntbm View Post
    Can u suggest other than Fiama Di Wills ?
    I'm currently using Eshu Skin Assist. I usually roll with Clinique but I read about the Eshu and I thought I'd give it a whirl. It has fine ground walnut shells, I like it.

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    Default Re: exfoliation daily

    Everyone should try using pure baking soda on your face once a week. Dead skin sorta almost just liquifies and falls off instead of the harsh grit of exfoliaters, but because of this don't over wash just go easy till you find how far you can take it. Also for those who haven't tried using it as a body wash, i can promise you it will be the cleanest you've ever been or felt and your skin will be smoother than its been since you had a babies ass.

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    Default Re: exfoliation daily

    cool tip odorloader, gotta try it. Do you use a lot of a little?

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    Default Re: exfoliation daily

    I keep a big box in the bathroom and scoop it out with a small mug. Get your fingers wet and stick them in the mug making it stick, then do circular motions and you will actually feel the dead skin coming off and the new skin underneath. As soon as you feel the dead skin move to the next area or you will be red faced for a day.

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