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    Default Comme Des Garcons Artek STANDARD

    Hi, got to have a new one. Thought it could be Guerrilla 1 by CDG, but accidentally compared to the STANDARD I was smitten. I never smellt such a complex concoction of PVC plastic glue, paint stripper and all that fancy stuff in a perfume. Named along contemporary fashion it should be White Meth Chlorine Intense or the like. It manages to dry down to a clean, natural smelling cedar / opoponax accord. If applied to heavy handed the overall expression may become a bit too sweet.

    Do You know anything comparable? I love peculiar smells and I want more
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    Default Re: Comme Des Garcons Artek STANDARD

    Guerrilla #2 seems like it might be more up your alley than Guerrilla #1...It has a sharpness to it that's pretty unique in combination with the berry note.
    Have you tried the Odeur's or CDG A new perfume...those are all along the lines of glue, toner, hot light bulb notes, they are quite unique and pretty cool.
    I have tried 3 of the CDG Synthetic Series-Soda, Skai, and Tar and they all have their kind of plastic notes that are cool. Of the 3 Soda is my favorite, it's got a sharp lemon note with a plastic pool floaty smell. It's awesome.
    CDG is almost always about peculiar smells so you can't really go wrong with them.

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    Default Re: Comme Des Garcons Artek STANDARD

    +1 on CDG EDP 2011, Artek is very nice, but this one is far superior
    Explore this line further, there's a few gems among them.
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    Default Re: Comme Des Garcons Artek STANDARD

    Quote Originally Posted by forfreddie View Post
    +1 on CDG EDP 2011
    Once I compared this one to Piguets Bandit following the line from Knize 10 over Bandit to New EDP 2011. "Leather"s were flowers with feces (sorry, but that is what leather is about due to the ancient methods of making it). While the New EDP (silly name) is devoid of any resemblance to metabolic debris but replaces it with modern chemicals as used today, rendered by Saffraleine.

    Bandit was in parts tamed down feces from a womans crotch, used stocking etc., Knize 10, well, piss. The flowery part went from heavy, fleshy tropical blossoms over grassy whites to aldehydic metallic buds.

    So, here we are. The New EDP is a good one, but not for me. I'm not fond of "leather" in any form. Once in a while I bath in Rien, but that's different. Thank You!
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    Default Re: Comme Des Garcons Artek STANDARD

    Give a chance to Comme Des Garcons H&M. Now discontinued but it still can be found on ebay for cheap. It's a cedarwood-incense with silver nouances. Pretty simple yet nicely "unrefined". Not as distinctive as Standard but definitely well worth a shot.

    Norma Kamali Incense is another top notch when it comes to copal-like accords. Extremely overpowering and dry.

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