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    Default Does anyone layer DH and DHI?

    To get the iris from DH with the longevity from DHI?

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    Default Re: Does anyone layer DH and DHI?

    Days I wear the DH, I typically will rock the DHI in the evening.

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    Default Re: Does anyone layer DH and DHI?

    That's part of the reason I asked! LOL
    Today I wore DH to work, then when I got home refreshed it with DHI for the evening.

    I was also wondering about trying DH original + DH reformulated for just during day, instead of DH reform + DHI. This way get the iris heavy original DH plus the better longevity of reformulated DH.

    So many DH/DHI threads out there but not much mentioned about layering.
    DH original: Great iris effect but poor longevity.
    DH reform: Less iris but better longevity vs. DH original.
    DHI (both): Less iris but more cocoa, better longevity vs DH (original in particular).

    Seems combining would allow to get best of each scent.

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    Default Re: Does anyone layer DH and DHI?

    There's only one way to find out....try it out.

    Personally I don't try layering often but when I do it's on the weekends. I don't want a disaster cloud around me in the office. I haven't found a completely successful layering yet; I've heard rumour that Bois de Illes layered with DHI is great (weird huh?).
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    Default Re: Does anyone layer DH and DHI?

    I get good longevity from DH. If you like the stronger iris note, why boost longevity by layering with something that doesn't have it, and muddle the opening of DH in the process? I would just reapply if I wanted it to last longer. Decant into a little travel spray and top up mid day if you need to.
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    Default Re: Does anyone layer DH and DHI?

    I like them both but separately.

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    Default Re: Does anyone layer DH and DHI?

    I own neither of the two so far, but if I would, I'd like DHI too much to layer it with anything.
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    Default Re: Does anyone layer DH and DHI?

    Definitely. I wear DH during the day. Later in the afternoon I place a few sprays over it. They blend perfectly and projections is blessed. Been following that routine for a couple of years now and it works quite well for me.

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    Default Re: Does anyone layer DH and DHI?

    I do layer them as well. The thing is to my nose they are too close to smell differences except if you spray them on different hands for example. I'd say try it and see if you still like it.

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    Default Re: Does anyone layer DH and DHI?

    I am trying to see if I can wear DHI to work separately now. In past, I've always thought DHI was too gourmand for the workplace, while DH is just perfect for the office. I know others say "you can wear anything anytime"....WHATEVER...but for me DHI seemed out of place. I will try it and see how it goes.

    I also considered layering DH vintage with DH reformulated. Vintage DH has the iris I like, while DH reformulated has the longevity I want.

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    Default Re: Does anyone layer DH and DHI?

    I'm faaaaar from expert, but DH is like 10x more gourmand to me, it reminds me sooo much of chocolate/cocoa is not even funny, i want to drink it!
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    Default Re: Does anyone layer DH and DHI?

    No, but funnily enough, I layered DH with DHP today. I like it, it's a nice balance of the iris of DH with the leather and smokiness of DHP.
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